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Riches of Babylon game that brings a lot of great wealth. The game looks simple but gives a lot of unexpected surprises. There will be lots of free spins, double values ​​and wilds ready to make you rich in no time. Only by getting 2 of the same signs will take you to the top of victory.

This riches of Babylon game form has 5 reels with 3 rows. Each game certainly has several steps that gamers can use to win. There are 25 ways to get riches of Babylon winning scores. Feeling anxious when playing the game riches of Babylon is very natural. Because not only get a lot of free spins, but gamers will also get a fairly high value as much as a hundred times the value of the bet that gamers will have.

Game symbols

Skatedaily – Riches of Babylon is located in an area of ​​the city where there is a high tower as the center of the city. It’s not just high towers that gamers encounter, there are still some interesting symbols of the game. Beautiful princesses are at your disposal with mighty warriors escorting you to the highest treasure in the tower.

There will be ruby ​​gems, tall towers, black and red shield emblems, and cards. For the smallest symbol value is on the card. While the high value is on towers, princesses, ruby ​​gems, black and red symbols and warriors. The level of the game that has an Rtp of 95.08% of the type of game is already able to provide abundant wealth to gamers.

tower double value//BABYLON

Wild and free spins

The value of the bet that the gamer can determine for himself. To start it can be from 0.25 to 50 bets that gamers use. This easy-to-win game will also offer free spins. Many free spins gamers can get when they successfully activate the same sign. There was light coming from the ruby ​​gem. To know the value that gamers can get, you can go to game info.

Game info will tell you the values ​​and symbols that gamers can get. A victory that gamers can achieve in the riches of Babylon. Princess becomes wild in the game Riches of Babylon. Wild which can replace all symbols except the bonus game. The game bonus comes from the tall tower sign. Get high scores gamers can get it easily.

Game calculation

The presence of a tall tower will activate free spins and double value. While playing the gamer will find the corner of the game bonus counter. It’s in the upper right corner of the game screen. Every time you collect the numbers, the ball will move to a tall tower. And the tall tower will receive and burn the count.

The count will change and the tower will move indicating the number of free spins the gamer gets as well as the double value. There are almost 99 free games that gamers can get easily. Getting 3 princesses of the same kind makes the symbol expand large in one line. So you will also get unexpected free spins from the riches of Babylon game.

Play with game demo

Placing a bet sometimes makes us think again. Are we going to win a lot or just a little? To eliminate the curiosity of gamers, there is no need to hesitate because the game Riches of Babylon which was developed by Novomatic also made a demo game. A game that does not use real money bets.

With a demo game you will get the opportunity to play easily, you will know how much the winning value can be for gamers and the winning steps that gamers can learn easily. When you are sure gamers can play this riches of Babylon game with real money.

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