Impera link lord of fire
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Impera link lord of fire

Impera link lord of fire

Impera link lord of fire game featuring a powerful and mighty god of fire. Slot games that also provide a variety of prizes and high value. Lord of fire also joins impera link so you get the jackpot value. A novomatic game that provides an opportunity to win with high coins for gamers.

There are many symbols available in the game impera link lord of fire. This video game filled with fire will come with a high chance of winning. The screen that has 5 reels will show a fairly high payout value. Every move that you will win will have a big impact on gamers.

Game symbol

Skatedaily – You can use 25 winning steps in the game impera link lord of fire. The fun of playing this game you will also get free spins and jackpots from impera. Guarantees endless gaming fun and provides a special gaming experience. Symbols that are ready to give game wins such as: sun goddess gold coins, moon goddess silver coins, photos of the god of fire, jackpot coins, remy cards and many other symbols that you can find by pressing info.

In the info you can find a lot of information that can make you win quickly. There are symbols that become icons in the game such as the wild which replaces all symbols except the scatter. Scatter which has the symbol of a volcano. Collect 3 of the same scatter to get 10 free spins.

2 beautiful goddesses//Mountain

Types of free spins

Only the sun and moon symbols do not get value during the free spins. There are 3 types of free spins that you can get with different numbers of volcanoes. The types of free spins that you can get are:

– 3 mounts : 5 spins

– 4 volcanos : 10 free spins

– 5 volcanoes : 15 free spins

The existence of a variety of free spins can lead you to win easily. Your chance to win, gamers can use the free spins available in the impera link lord of fire game.

In addition to free spins that can give you a winning game, there is also a jackpot that can help you win with a high value. Joining impera link becomes a golden opportunity for gamers to win easily. Get 6 coins or more to make the jackpot active. After it is active you will see a screen where the coins will not spin.

Jackpot is active

While those that are still empty will spin to get coins. Every time you get 1 coin or coin jackpot, you will be given 3 chances to get coins. So the more coins you get, the more chances to play the coins. Full screen with coins provides immediate value to gamers without long waits.

But don’t be surprised if the screen is not full it will also give you a value because when the opportunity to play runs out, the value will automatically get right away without having to wait for the coin to be full. 5 jackpot games that can give you high scores such as grand, major, impera link, mini, minor. If you get 5 jackpots on one screen then you will be immediately rewarded.

To enjoy the game impera link lord of fire you can also use the game automatically. The game automatically makes the game screen rotate on its own so that the chance to win is getting closer to victory.

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