About Us

SKATEDAILY.net originated from a conversation based on a need for a dedicated daily news service within a worldwide skateboarding site. Inspired by those primary intentions, we launched our site on February 15th, 2004 committed to the goal of delivering a daily feed of up-to-the-minute, factual, and unbiased skate news.

To date, SKATEDAILY.net has grown to emerge as one of the most reputable and respected online skateboarding news resources in our industry. Our daily stream of news, contest results, contributor generated stories and photos and product reviews come from numerous years of involvement as skateboarders and our many viewers’ regular contributions. We’re dedicated to skateboarding, its community, and the events and happenings that course through its core culture through and through.

For online advertising opportunities, please contact us. However, SKATEDAILY.net will not be of service to brands or products that are irrelevant to skateboarding’s core culture or those marketers looking to make a fast buck from its rise in popularity.

We encourage your involvement and appreciate your support, and look forward to delivering the goods to you each day.

Skate Daily,

Bryce Kanights, Derek Rinaldi and John Dettman-Lytle