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Speak for the Trees

Our friend and lifelong skateboarder Matt Musselwhite (aka Punker Matt) and his lady Lydia Doleman are featured in this short film titled “Speak for the Trees” which reveals their modern day homestead in the hills of Southern Oregon and their fervent stance and battle against irresponsible logging practices. This epic and creative couple, along with some neighbors and friends, are fighting the good fight to save their region or timberlands from widespread clear cutting. Take a break to listen in and have a closer look about preserving our lands for future generations.

Indeed, a lawful balance must be struck before we completely lose many regions of our nation’s precious forests to unregulated logging.

Please visit were you can learn more about the task at hand, eyes on the forest and support the cause with an in-kind donation. Fight the good fight for what is right.

- BK

Levi’s Skateboarding 2014 Spring Collection

Levi’s recently hosted a gathering of friends and skateboarding media types at Brandon Biebel’s private skatepark in North Hollywood to reveal and launch their Spring 2014 line of Levis Skateboarding apparel. In the mix to view this second offering from Levi’s Skateboarding were skaters and reps from Thrasher, TWS, The Skateboard Mag, LowCard, King Shit, The Berrics and more.

Catered Mexican food and adult beverages from Saint Archer welcomed a storied cast of characters upon arrival as Tommy Guerrero took soulful control of the ones and twos with a selection of classic hits.

Levi's Skateboarding

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Raising Helseth: Skateboarding Saved My Life

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Skidmark Magazine’s Josh Becker caught up with skateboarder Casey Helseth where he let the Skidmark crew spend a weekend with him and follow him around his adopted town of Santa Cruz, California. Casey shares his story of hard luck, and gives us a glimpse into his world. It took quite a bit of courage and trust for Casey to share his life’s story and situation. Indeed, skateboarding can open up doors and a world of freedom if you let it flow through your veins. All the best to you Casey and to Josh and the Skidmark crew for sharing this short film documentary with the world.

Lost in Ordos: Drifting Through the Ghost City

Red Bull Skateboarding has just posted a feature written by Greg Poissonnier online highlighting a bunch of European rippers on a journey to skate an empty skateable city in Inner Mongolia.

The Chinese city of Ordos; built to house over a million people, but currently home to just a few thousand, contains all the essential ingredients of an amazing giant virtual street park except that here in the ghost city, everything is ‘real’.

Have a look as Korahn Gayle, Daniel Pannemann, Thaynan Costa, Alex Mizurov, Antony Lopez and Bastien Duverdier had the time of their lives in Inner Mongolia late last year.

Alien Workshop – Life Splicing No. 008: TOUROHIO

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A large paragraph isn’t really needed to describe this montage of nine epic minutes footage with the Alien Workshop team as they get down and dirty on the streets of Ohio. Roll the clip.

- BK

A Farewell to Portland’s Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Brooklyn Street Skate Spot
Portland’s renowned DIY Brooklyn Street Skate Spot met its doomsday fate and was rendered into a pile of rubble early last week. From the beginning back in the summer of 2010, the City of Portland officials made it clear that the emergent skatepark built upon its land next to the Union Pacific rail tracks would not be permanent. Unfortunately, the expansion of TriMet’s Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project would include tearing down the old pedestrian bridge and the skatepark beneath it would be taken out as a result.

The City of Portland allowed this awesome little skatepark to be built and remain on their land for many months and the officials responsible have been more than accommodating to skateboarders and skateboarding over the past three years. And on behalf of the BSSS skateboarding community, we thank them for that generosity.

With plenty of notice, Dark Tuesday happened on November 12th, 2013 and now all that remains are great memories and an empty dirt lot. But before the destruction, a farewell “Shred a Tear” session commenced amongst many friends and locals on Saturday, November 9th. It was a great time shared by all in attendance.

Drop on by Curb Cut Mag where Spencer Knutilla shares some words and his photos on the saddening circumstance as well.

RIP Brooklyn Street

- BK

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