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No Swervice- S.1 E.1 : “Real New York Butts” – The AntiPhone Pocket Zine


A brainchild of Nick Teodori of Scumco & Sons Skateboards, No Swervice – Season 1, Episode 1: “Real New York Butts” (RNYB) is a pocket zine withholding the same dimensions as an iPhone 5. The anti-iPone zine, the intent of RNYB is to provide pocketable stoke- an analog, tangible alternative to ever-flowing stream of digital media content such as that from Instagram.

Curated by Isaac McKay Randozzi, Real New York Butts features art and skate photos from some of your favorite artists & photographers such as Ben Horton, Ben Colen, Andy Jenkins, Porous Walker, Brian Gaberman, Rodent, Russ Pope, J Strickland, Soy Panday, Eric Palozzolo, and many more.

There is no set schedule for further release dates of the No Swervice zine series, but we’re already stoked to see what’s in store for the next one.



One in the same, yet slightly less functional.



A less recognizable Andy Jenkins sketch on the left followed by a trippy Alex Olson tree wallie  shot by Ben Colen.



Brandon Westgate as shot by Brian Gaberman.



Ben Horton delivering some classic drawings as always.



The zine fits comfortably in your hand and is super fun to flip through, until you run out of battery, that is.



If you can’t find it at your local skateshop, you can purchase Real New York Butts here on Scumco’s webstore.



Still hungry? Save a few bucks by buying the shirt and zine combo meal here.


Photos, Video, and Words: Mike Chinner / @mike_chinner

Additional product photography courtesy of Scumco & Sons & Isaac McKay Randozzi

One Hour In The Etnies Helix


The good folks over at etnies recently hit us up to review their new Helix model for Spring 2017, and we were glad to put them to the test since we’d been hearing a lot of hype around the new, tech model from one of skateboarding’s first and longest standing footwear brands. Always innovating and pushing forward the progression of the skate shoe game, we knew the Sole Tech camp had another winner in store for us.

Our friend and longtime etnies fan Cory Mansour was our guinea pig for this review, and after years of skating the Marana and Jameson XT, he was more than happy to roll around to get a good feel for the Helix and break down the basics for us in front of the lens. Watch the video above to see what Cory had to say about the etnies Helix and peep the photos below to learn a bit more about the technical features of this shoe.



The Helix by etnies, ready to rip.



It’s a match! The Helix offers technical features and design elements for those who aren’t scared to venture away from world of basic vulc shoes that most of us are comfortable with.



If you’ve been looking for a comfy cupsole shoe to skate, this one is certainly a contender. The Helix features a 400 NBS rubber outsole molded into the STI Evolution Foam midsole which provides superior grip and impact protection.



The Helix comes complete with the Flow-Molded PU Helix web vamp which ensures a breathable, flexible toe box, also serving as an additional layer to rip through once you kickflip that suede to smitherines.



The best part of skating bright red shoes is seeing the scuff marks on your grip tape. Try out a pair of the Helix for yourself and paint your Jessup with some red suede today.


Photos and video by Mike Chinner

Emerica Wino G6


Emerica listened to their audience and gave them what thet wanted: a skateable version of the original Wino. The Wino G6 builds upon the original Wino style by adding durability and delivering a one of a kind skateable hybrid to the Emerica line.

Including a pro colorway from Jeremy Leabres in addition to three team colorways, the Wino G6 is a functional, tough as nails kick that looks stylish both on and off the board.



Navy / Gum / White / Suede (Jeremy Leabres colorway)



Black / Black / Suede



Blue / White / Navy / Canvas



Black / White / Suede


– G6 Impact Resistant Polyurethane Insole
– Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
– Heel Anchor System
– Tuff Cuff Collar Padding
– Double Wrapped Vulc
– Suede & Canvas options available





Cuff up and buy the new Wino G6 here on the Emerica site or find them at your local skate shop!

Go Puck

Go PuckOne of the best things about mobile media devices is that they allow us to communicate and document our lives and events from virtually any region of the planet. Unfortunately, many of these cameras, smartphones, and tablets tend to be inefficient in battery life to last throughout an entire day. When you’re out on the road, off the grid or away for several hours in a day skating or busy being that god forsaken selfie guy, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need some crucial and additional backup in battery power.

Go Puck iPhone

Consider the Go Puck. It’s an essential compact power source that’s easy to carry, optionally wearable, and ready to keep you free from missing that Instagram photo, shooting a crucial GoPro clip or receiving important texts or email.

GoPuck Power

GoPuck GoPro

There are currently two low priced GoPuck models available – both with two individual charging options (normal and rapid) via a micro USB cable provided. Also included is one Active Munt with 1/4″ thread.

GoPuck Japan

So Go Puck yourself and be prepared and ready for those moments where the only power source available becomes the one charged in your backpack. For more info, connect with gopuck.com.