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Go Puck

Go PuckOne of the best things about mobile media devices is that they allow us to communicate and document our lives and events from virtually any region of the planet. Unfortunately, many of these cameras, smartphones, and tablets tend to be inefficient in battery life to last throughout an entire day. When you’re out on the road, off the grid or away for several hours in a day skating or busy being that god forsaken selfie guy, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need some crucial and additional backup in battery power.

Go Puck iPhone

Consider the Go Puck. It’s an essential compact power source that’s easy to carry, optionally wearable, and ready to keep you free from missing that Instagram photo, shooting a crucial GoPro clip or receiving important texts or email.

GoPuck Power

GoPuck GoPro

There are currently two low priced GoPuck models available – both with two individual charging options (normal and rapid) via a micro USB cable provided. Also included is one Active Munt with 1/4″ thread.

GoPuck Japan

So Go Puck yourself and be prepared and ready for those moments where the only power source available becomes the one charged in your backpack. For more info, connect with gopuck.com.