Tim O’Connor

Tim O’Connor Stand Up at NJ Skateshop

YouTube Preview ImageNJ Skateshop held its first Stand-Up Comedy Night at its new event space location at 160 Easton Ave in New Brunswick, NJ. Legendary Jersey funny-man/skateboarder, Tim O’Connor blessed everyone in attendance with one of his first attempts at stand up touching on Trump, War, kids and buttholes. The night was capped by the hilarious Gordon Baker Bone, who touched on Jim Thiebaud’s classic hanging Klansman graphic. Have a look and laugh!
Filmed by Chris Phillips

Tim O’Connor Chats with You at The Boardr Am at Houston

YouTube Preview Image Tim O’Connor makes his way through the crowd at last week’s The Boardr Am in Houston asking a variety of questions to a variety of people. Check it out.

adidas Skateboarding The Rosewood Invitational

YouTube Preview Image To celebrate the release of the Crush Pack, adidas Skateboarding and The Hundreds hosted the Rosewood Invitational, a soccer tournament featuring teams from the skateboarding and streetwear world. Watch Tim O’Connor recap all the highlights.

Weekend Buzz: Tim O’Connor & Danny Garcia

YouTube Preview Image Tim O’Connor and Danny Garcia talk about the future and past of Habitat, not being pro, parenting, emceeing contests, the influence of skateboarding and more in this first of two parts at Weekend Buzz.

Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show

YouTube Preview Image Bam Margera is back with a new televised show and he’s brought along his long time friend and funnyman Tim O’Connor as the host. Watch the premiere episode on TBS Monday, April 14th.