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Tyson Bowerbank: Know Control – Know Future

YouTube Preview ImageThe fourth and final Know future video features Tyson Bowerbank with a smooth line and massive backside heel in Salt Lake City. Check out Tyson’s interview and the full Know future edit. Also, starting today anyone can tag their videos on Instagram with #knowfuture to have their video featured on Thunder’s IG feed for a chance win a free set of Thunder Trucks.

The New Thunder 143 Arrives

YouTube Preview ImageThunder Trucks just dropped a new site and videos for their all new Thunder 143 truck which features a quicker, more responsive truck for thinner boards. Dig in!

Thunder Know Future: Jack Olson

YouTube Preview ImageHot shot Jack Olson dishes out his Thunder Know Future video clip with an effortless 180 Switch Crooks. Check out the his interview and stay tuned for the final Know Future Video with Tyson Bowerbank coming soon.

Nakel Smith: Know Control – Know Future

YouTube Preview ImageNakel Smith is next up in #2 of 4 Thunder Know future videos with a few clean clips down a Florida double set. Check out The Nakel video and interview, then stay tuned for the next Thunder Know Future videos coming soon with Tyson Bowerbank and Jack Olson.

Mikey Taylor Knows – New Thunder 149 II

YouTube Preview ImageThe newest video piece for the new Thunder 149IIs features Mikey Taylor. Check out his clip and a brief interview over on the Thunder site.

Thunder Trucks Parks & Wreck w/ Kyle Walker and Team

YouTube Preview ImageThunder presents Parks & Wreck with Kyle Walker and the Thunder team. Check out Kyle Walker, Davis Torgerson, Massimo Cavedoni & Jack Olson hitting a few parks in this “Parks & Wreck” edit by Thunder Trucks. Follow @thundertrucks on Instagram and tag #ThunderParksandWreck and tell them which park the team should hit up next.

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