Taylor Kirby

Taylor Kirby’s “Shep Dawgs 5” Part

YouTube Preview ImageDeathwish Skateboard’s newest pro puts out a hell of a part for the Shep Dawgs crew with 5 minutes of the gnarliest skating we’ve seen in a minute. Check it out to see for yourself.

C1RCA: At The Active Park

YouTube Preview Image C1RCA crashes the Active Park! Featuring: Taylor Kirby, Windsor James, Robbie Brockel, & Daniel Cutcliffe!

Spitfire X Deathwish: Burn Fourever

YouTube Preview Image The Spitfire And Deathwish crews hit up the Sheldon Park in Sun Valley, CA last week for a Skate Jam to celebrate the release of their Burn Fourever collaboration which hits the stores today.

Luh Da Kids at Westchester Park

YouTube Preview Image “Luh Da Kids” is not a demo. The Shake Junt crew makes a surprise visit to a skatepark, hooking the kids up with product skating with them and everyone ends up getting clips.

Lizard King, Jamie Tancowny, Shane Heyl, Cyril Jackson, Windsor James and Taylor Kirby find their way to Westchester Park for this latest episode.

Riley Hawk & Shep Dawgs Skate Tour: D-Block [Part 3]

YouTube Preview Image The Scion x Riley Hawk “Driven” video series makes it to the city as the Shep Dawgs crew bring their two Scion xBs to Portland, Oregon.

On this leg of their tour of the Pacific Northwest, they make two stops. First up is the indoor skatepark D-Block, where Hawk is joined by Jacob Nuñez, Taylor Smith, Troye Rhoades and Taylor Kirby. Next up is a trip to Portland mainstay skate shop Exit Real World for a meet and greet.

Riley Hawk & Shep Dawgs Skate Tour: Windells [Part 2]

YouTube Preview Image The Scion x Riley Hawk “Driven” video series continues with Riley Hawk and the Shep Dawgs crew (Taylor Kirby, Jacob Nuñez, Taylor Smith and Troy Rhoades) as they take a pair of Scion xBs on a skateboarding tour of the Pacific Northwest.

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