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Lookback Library: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Kevin Marks, founder of Lookback Library, spends the majority of his year on the road dedicating his time to preserving skateboarding history by way of building skateboarding libraries at core skate shops across the country. Kevin is currently on the road showcasing his Signed, Sealed, Delivered display at select skate shops. The premise of this particular exhibition is that each of his 60 magazines has been signed by the skater on the cover and features a mailing label addressed to either one of your favorite skateboarders, photographers, or industry executives. The exhibition is any skate nerds dream to check out and Kevin is sharing the stoke on a regular basis.

Street Canoe caught up with Kevin to learn more about his exhibit, page through some magazines, and check out his van in which he lives in and carries his traveling exhibition and donations of skateboarding magazines. Bill Danforth even popped in for a short cameo in part one!

Check out the 3 part video piece here.


Skate Daily pal Jay Croft just posted an interview with Thom Hornung and Mat O’Brien, in which they chat about Otherness, their new skateboard company. The company also seemingly involves Barker Barrett and even Tony Cox, among others, and should provide answers as to who Marc Johnson’s new board sponsor is…

Check out the feature here on the Street Canoe site.

“Please Touch”, An Interactive Art Exhibition By Jay Croft

Jay Croft is a humble dude whose illustrations and writing are always honest and heartfelt; and his love for skateboarding shines brightly through his work. For those not familiar with his work, Jay independently publishes his zine, Street Canoe, in Ohio, and has done art for countless brands over the years; including Vans, Element, and Alien Workshop, to name a few.

Being a skateboarder from Ohio myself and growing up nearby & skating in the Akron area, I have been familiar with Jay’s legacy and a fan of his work for several years, so I was stoked to get to check out some of his art in person once again and to catch up with the man himself.

Jay was recently invited to participate in a group exhibition at the Akron Art Museum, “Please Touch”, in which each artist creates a completely interactive exhibit which actually encourages touching of the actual art itself. I met up with Jay in his hometown of Akron, Ohio where he was kind enough to guide me through his exhibit and explain the creative process behind his work for this particular show. Jay ends off the segment on a positive note, offering inspiring words for those wishing pursue their dreams in the art world.

The exhibit will be on display at the Akron Art Museum until July 16th, get there and have some fun!

Check out a few images from the exhibition below and watch the video above for the full scoop on his exhibition, “Please Touch”!

For daily doodles, wall jammers, and updates on all things Street Canoe, follow Jay on Instagram here.

Grab the latest issue of Street Canoe here on his site.

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A little background info on the show to get you started.

Jay always has time for the kids.

The exhibition allows the observer to make their own skateboard graphic incorporating some of Jay’s signature characters and font. Here Jay cooks up a graphic of his own.


If you’ve been following Jay’s work, you’ll recognize some of the characters in the exhibition from some of his previous illustrations.

Moveable skateboard wheels lace out this dude’s sled.

Plenty of room to get creative.

Fun for those of all ages, even those who aren’t old enough to spell yet.

Thanks Jay!

Witchcraft Hardware : Rikk Fields

Street Canoe brings to you an exclusive from their friends at Witchcraft Hardware. This edit features Rikk Fields in a section of his lost footage from the past twelve months. The filming took place in some random British towns and citys from Wigan, Liverpool, Cornwall, Scotland to Hongkong.

Street Canoe with Deluxe’s Damon Thorley – The Build Project

YouTube Preview ImageJay over at Street Canoe cornered Deluxe’s Damon Thorley for an insightful interview about their newest endeavor – The Build Project. Have a good read all about it through one of the guys directly involved right here!

Street Canoe Issue Number One Now Available

Street Canoe, one of our favorite online sites, has produced Issue #1 their Street Canoe ‘zine. The initial offering has 54 black and white pages packed with a Brad Westcott interview by Lee Bender, a “(captured)” section of skate photography, a sticker pack featuring stickers from supporters including: Spitfire, Transportation Unit, Good Grief, Instrument, Anti Hero, Alien Workshop, Premier, Absorb, Save me from Ordinary, Amigos and a ton more.

Click here to purchase Street Canoe Issue #1 for only @12.00 (shipping and handling included).