south africa

South African Locals Ripping In “Location”

“Location” is a new edit from our friends at Home Grwn Media in South Africa, showcasing the up and coming skate scenes from Johannesburg to Durban. Most of these SA spots are an 11 on the crust-ometer and the locals handle them with ease on the regular. Watch the edit now via Ride Channel.

For more South African skateboarding, check out the latest issue of Session Skateboarding Magazine, live now for free on their site.

Mag Minute: Dlamini Dlamini

Dlamini Dlamini of Durban, South Africa has been traveling back and forth from SA to the US over the last couple years, putting in down in the LA Area and stacking clips constantly for various video projects. Watch Dlamini’s nollie heel noseslide nollie 270 kickflip out several times in a row and enjoy his Mag Minute for The Skateboard Mag.