Vans Shop Riot 2014 Finals – Live Stream

YouTube Preview ImageIt’s been a whirlwind five-month build up, taking in 16 stops across Europe and bringing together over 200 of best shop teams from across borders, with the best store team from each leg earning themselves a place in the Vans Shop Riot Series finals. While it’s gone quickly, it has been quite a journey and we’ve seen some epic showdowns during the course of the series. From revisiting some of the favorite parks and spots from previous years, such as Chelles’ Cosanostra skatepark (FR), to bringing a bit of culture to the scene as the Nordic leg set up right outside Helsinki’s Kiasma Modern Art Museum (FI), the cream of European skate shops assembled their finest teams and set out to shred their way across the continent.

One of the favorite stops of the series has been Aalst’s ‘Flesh & Bones’ skatepark, aptly named given the amount of skin it claimed during the Belgian leg of the Vans Shop Riot earlier in the year. Fittingly, this skate zone becomes the battleground for this weekend’s finals, and as such will bear witness to teams from Moscow to Manchester thrashing it out in what’s set to be an awesome end to 2014’s hotly contested series.

Beginning this Saturday, October, 11th, tune in to watch the battle for the title of Vans Shop Riot Top Shop Team, 2014. It will be live streamed right into your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or ridiculous Google glass for that matter.

Keep an eye on for reviews of the final stops, news and exclusive insights behind the series, and Vans’ Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for updates and live notifications.

Mystic Sk8 Cup 2014 Results

The 20th Annual Mystic Sk8 Cup wrapped up this weekend in Prague, Czech Republic with plenty of action amongst Europe’s top street and bowl riders and few Brazilian, Japanese and American skate nomads as well.

Mens Street
1. Martin Pek $6,000
2. Richard Tury $3,000
3. Ryo Sejiri $2,000
4. Vincent Milou $1,200
5. Tomas Vintr $1,000
6. Konstantin Kabanov $800
7. Maxime Habanec $700
8. Austen Seaholm $600
9. Gard Hvaara $500
10. Marek Zaprazny $400

Ladies Street
1. Leticia Bufoni $2000
2. Julia Brueckler $1000
3. Candy Jacobs $700
4. Petra Hrasova $500
5. Eugenia Ginepro $400
6. Aura Bredart $250
7. Klara Kasparova $150
8. Caroline Dynybil

1. Alex Sorgente $3,000
2. Pedro Barros $1,500
3. Danny Leon $1,000
4. Greyson Fletcher $750
5. Mason Merlino $450
6. Vincent Matheron $300
7. Bjorn Lillesoe $200
8. Stephan Boussac $150
9. Murilo Peres $100
10. Martin Jurasek $50

Legends Bowl
1. Christian Hosoi $2,000
2. Pat Ngoho $1,000
3. Sean Goff $700
4. Dave Duncan $500
5. Chris Senn $400
6. Dave Hackett $250
7. David Horvath $150
8. Steve Olson

Bob Burnquist’s Floating Mini Ramp

YouTube Preview ImageHave a look at this unique mini ramp floating near the shores of Northern California’s Lake Tahoe featuring Bob Burnquist for California’s “The Dream 365 Project.” Most expensive mini ramp ever?

Epicly Later’d: Ed Templeton – Part 4

In this fourth episode Ed discusses the depths of a dark era for skateboarding, with his financial problems, feuds and becoming an unsponsored professional. But Ed’s creative spark endured he put together the a scrappy company called Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company. As the months and years and assorted Toy Machine team riders rolled on, Jamie Thomas nailed the production with “Welcome to Hell”, the video that would cement Ed and Toy Machine’s legacy. Tune in.

Olloclip For Daily Life

Olloclip has significantly elevated the standards with the mobile imaging market with its expansive range of quick-connect lenses and products for the iPhone/iPod touch – including their Quick-Flip case, wide range quick-connect lenses and imaging app.

They supplied us with their entire line of highly functional lenses and cases and we put them to the test out in the streets and skateparks and the results are remarkable. Whether you’re a creative hobbyist, a frequent blogger, or a full-time professional image-maker, it’s a sure bet that Olloclip’s lens system will enhance and diversify your mobile photography experience.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, each of these versatile Olloclip lenses connect within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the images you want. Just flip the adapter over to switch lenses and desired focal lengths. Olloclip lenses utilize precision ground coated glass with multi-element optics. The anodized CNC machined barrels are produced from aircraft grade aluminum and Olloclip lenses will work with any application that uses the rear-facing camera on the previously described iPhones above. Sorry about your selfies!

The Hardware and Tech Specs

Quick-Flip Case and Pro-Photo Adapter
Olloclip’s Quick-Flip attachment case is made from a soft plastic material to ensure a secure fit as well as easy removal with iPhones 5/5s and 4/4s models and iPod touch.

OlloClip Case

While a tripod is generally not required in mobile photography, there are times when you may find one helpful. The included Pro-Photo Adapter features a standard ¼” thread mount and slides easily onto the Quick-Flip case for mounting the phone to a tripod or other photo/video accessories. Also, the Pro-Photo adapter provides a Cold Shoe mount for video lights*, microphones, or other attachments that you might have.

Ollo Clip Tripod

Original 3-in-1 lens wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses
This is the Olloclip combination lens that started it all and it features Fisheye, Wide-Angle and a Macro 4x lens. The fisheye lens vignettes the edges when in photo mode yet it offers a crisp full frame view when your iPhone is set to video mode.

OlloClip Koerner

4-in-1 lens wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses

The Olloclip 4-in-1 is another convenient quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone and iPod touch and it includes Fisheye, Wide-Angle and two separate Macro lenses (10X and 15X). Like Olloclip’s original lens, it easily fits in your pocket; just flip it over to switch to the lens of your choice. The Macro 10x and 15x lenses are accessed by removing (unscrewing) the Fisheye and Wide-Angle lenses respectively.

OlloClip Fisheye

Telephoto X2 lens
Need to get closer to the action? Olloclip’s Telephoto Lens delivers 2x optical magnification, so you can get twice as close with your iPhone/iPod touch. It offers a shallower depth of field, and with the use of selective focus you can make your subjects stand out distinctly from their backgrounds. The Olloclip App (free in the iTunes App Store) is also an excellent tool to help you set the focus. This lens also is great for video. Simply flip it over and the CPL has what you need.

OlloClip TelePhoto

Circular Polarizing Lens with 20mm-25mm lens adapter
The CPL is designed to reduce glare from reflected surfaces and produce colors more true to life. When rotated, the lens blocks certain wavelengths of light from entering the camera lens and hitting the its imaging sensor. When undesired light (typically from light bulbs or sun) is not blocked, the result can be photos blown out highlights, glare and washed-out colors. Additionally the CPL can be used with the Telephoto Lens as well as the Fisheye and Wide-Angle Lenses with the use of the provided step-down adapter.

OlloClip Polarizer

The CPL can be used to enhance many different types of photos. For example, you can reduce reflections from glass, water and haze and achieve great-looking photographs.

Newest offering – Macro 3-in-1 lens
Olloclip’s newest lens offering is specific to mobile macro photography and it features three individual focal length lenses. Like its predecessors, this combination lens easily clips on and off your iPhone 5/5s and iPod touch in seconds.

OlloClip Lens

OlloClip Bearings

OlloClip Macro

7X – The lowest magnification option is revealed when you remove the 14X lens and it provides a wider field of view with minimal bokeh (aesthetic blur in out-of-focus areas).

14X – The default choice for medium magnification: easy to switch on and off using the lens adapter.

21X – Super high magnification focuses in on details and textures not easily seen with the naked eye. It provides a tighter field of view and a higher degree of bokeh.

All of these Olloclip lenses come in an easy to carry and protective stuff sack.

So with all of these awesome lenses available what could possibly improve the experience for Olloclip consumers? Well, the obvious choice for us would be a dedicated and fully-functional and rechargeable powered case since we often drain our iPhones’ batteries while capturing images all around us day and night.

In any event, Olliclip has recently announced its endorsement and relationship with Jamie Thomas as their first ambassador to align its brand and products with the skateboarding world. Also, Dwindle Distribution was named as the primary distributor within the action sports industry earlier this year.

What’s more, Olloclip’s Founder and CEO Patrick O’Neill was recognized and awarded as 2013’s Entrepeneur Magazines’ Entrepeneur of The Year.

All in all, Olloclip’s functional design and ease of use provides users with clever and useful imaging tools to enhance daily life experiences with mobile phone photography.

Have a look for yourself. This prime optical gear steps up your social media game considerably.

– BK

Ripped Laces

Ripped Laces