Russ Pope

No Swervice- S.1 E.1 : “Real New York Butts” – The AntiPhone Pocket Zine


A brainchild of Nick Teodori of Scumco & Sons Skateboards, No Swervice – Season 1, Episode 1: “Real New York Butts” (RNYB) is a pocket zine withholding the same dimensions as an iPhone 5. The anti-iPone zine, the intent of RNYB is to provide pocketable stoke- an analog, tangible alternative to ever-flowing stream of digital media content such as that from Instagram.

Curated by Isaac McKay Randozzi, Real New York Butts features art and skate photos from some of your favorite artists & photographers such as Ben Horton, Ben Colen, Andy Jenkins, Porous Walker, Brian Gaberman, Rodent, Russ Pope, J Strickland, Soy Panday, Eric Palozzolo, and many more.

There is no set schedule for further release dates of the No Swervice zine series, but we’re already stoked to see what’s in store for the next one.



One in the same, yet slightly less functional.



A less recognizable Andy Jenkins sketch on the left followed by a trippy Alex Olson tree wallie  shot by Ben Colen.



Brandon Westgate as shot by Brian Gaberman.



Ben Horton delivering some classic drawings as always.



The zine fits comfortably in your hand and is super fun to flip through, until you run out of battery, that is.



If you can’t find it at your local skateshop, you can purchase Real New York Butts here on Scumco’s webstore.



Still hungry? Save a few bucks by buying the shirt and zine combo meal here.


Photos, Video, and Words: Mike Chinner / @mike_chinner

Additional product photography courtesy of Scumco & Sons & Isaac McKay Randozzi

Two Skateboarding Greats Contribute Art To Charity Auction

Chrome Frames ToutIn a “feel good” bit of noteworthy news that stems from skateboarding’s creative culture, Chrome Industries has teamed up with Cinelli Bicycles to form Frames For Good, a global give-back initiative in partnership with eBay for Charity.

Two of skateboarding’s greatest artists and human beings, Russ Pope and Todd Bratrud contributed their remarkable talents to the project. Each artist was given a bike frame and told to interpret it however they saw fit. You can see Russ’s frame here and Todd’s here.

100% of the sale of each frame is being given to a charity selected by each artist. Russ’s frame will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association and Todd’s will benefit Keep A Breast. Bidding on the frames ends in six days on May 7th at 6pm EST. Please spread the word to help these truly wonderful causes.