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The Skateparks That Shaped Lance Mountain


A while back, Lance Mountain was asked by Ride Channel to list his favorite contemporary parks. Sean Mortimer returns with another list from Lance, outlining which now defunct skateparks helped to shape his skating. Click here to read the article.

Blind Damn Sundays

YouTube Preview Image Cody McEntire, Morgan Smith & TJ Rogers are featured in this week’s edition of Blind Damn Sundays.

Chris McHugh Skates Los Angeles A to B

YouTube Preview Image “A to B” is a RIDE Channel exclusive series which documents a skateboarder’s journey from A to B. This time around we get to follow Chris McHugh as he rolls through downtown Los Angeles.

Noah Holmes: Shredit Cards

YouTube Preview Image Some skaters have the tech stuff. Some skaters have the burly stuff. Noah Holmes has a bit of both—and he can throw a proper heelflip over a gap. Check out his Shredit Cards edit to see what else he’s got.

Weekend Buzz

YouTube Preview Image This week, on Weekend Buzz part 1 of 2, Karl Watson, Lenny Rivas and Black Ass Woogie stopped by to discuss Love Child rejection, the beginning of Organika, Staying on DGK, the Darren Harper saga, tostilocos, Lenny the humanitarian and more.

Share a drink and a few laughs with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont as they interrogate your favorite pros for their opinions on the latest skate industry news, gossip and high jinx.

Weekend Buzz: Tim O’Connor & Danny Garcia

YouTube Preview Image Tim O’Connor and Danny Garcia talk about the future and past of Habitat, not being pro, parenting, emceeing contests, the influence of skateboarding and more in this first of two parts at Weekend Buzz.

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