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Real Skateboards: UK Crash Up Derby

YouTube Preview ImageDavis Torgerson, Justin Brock and Robbie Brockel head to England to push through the streets, hit a few parks for some high speed Crash Up Derbies and share in some overall good times with the crew and skaters across the country.

New Release from Real Skateboards

Real SkateboardsReal Skateboards latest Spring 2014 drop of goods just went live with a look at Kyle Walker’s newest ad, all new Crash Up decks from Dennis & Chima, Crypto Mash Ups from Autlz, Hardy & Brock, plus all new Low Pro II’s, Hot Oval Team Edition decks and much more.

Checkout: Robbie Brockel

Robbie Brockel is the latest skater to be featured for a Red Bull “Checkout”. Once you’re down watching the clip above, click here to the read the interview section.