RB Umali

15 Years Of NYC Skateboarding In 15 Minutes

YouTube Preview Image15 years of NYC skateboarding as seen through the lens of the legendary RB Umali. Noone has documented as much skateboarding in the city as this dude. Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy.

New Brooklyn Banks Footage

YouTube Preview ImageAre the banks back? We’ve been seeing lots of instagram photos and clips pop up within the last week or so, there hasn’t been any clear memo on whether the banks are legally skateable once again. NYC legend RB Umalli sets the record straight in this interview from TWS and comes through with a few clips at the banks featuring Ron Deily, Akira Mowatt, and Spencer Fujimoto.

Spoiler Alert: The Banks are NOT officially skateable again. However, you can voice your opinion at the NYC Park Maintenance website and file a complaint. Get on it!