Politic Skateboards

Politic Skateboards – Transmission One

YouTube Preview ImageTransmission One from Politic Brand features some East Coast goodness from Jonathan Ettman, Ross Norman, Zach Dykes, Brian Powderly and Dave Caddo. Have a look.

Joey Pepper For Politic

YouTube Preview ImageOfficially announced as Politic Skateboards’ newest rider a few weeks back, here’s Joey Pepper with a few quick ones for the audio/visual confirmation of the news. Enjoy.

Joey Pepper on Politic Skateboards

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After a brief stint having gone unsponsored following his departure from Expedition Skateboards a while back, Joey Pepper is now officially riding for Politic Skateboards as announced via this instagram post. Yeah, Joey!

It would’ve been sick to see a part from Joey in Politic’s 2016 “Division” video, however, it seems that we’ll have a welcome edit to watch soon enough.