OJ Wheels

Fresh Blend: Auby Taylor

Burnside Nights – The OJ PowerRider Crew

Last month the PowerRider Crew took refuge under the lights at Burnside and busted out this ripping edit. Have a look!

Mason Merlino at Bingen Skatepark

YouTube Preview ImageSidelined this entire past summer, Mason Merlino comes out of shoulder surgery rehab and sets up some new OJ Wheels and delivers a blitz of his go to tricks at Bingen Skatepark.

Erick Winkowski Mix-Tape

OJ Wheels – Hemmie Day with Wes and Tyler

YouTube Preview ImageKick it with Wes Kremer and Tyler Surrey as they set up their new #PROJs and cruise through their home turf of San Diego.

Hungry Ams: Malakai Montes