Lance Mountain

Traffic Talk: Lance Mountain

Thrasher Magazine hits the road with a new feature at their site called Traffic Talk. Lance Mountain takes shotgun for the premier episode and discusses classic skateparks, Neil Blender, BB gun accidents and much more.

SK8FACE Film Ramps Up Through Kickstarter

YouTube Preview Image In the works for the past two years or so, the SK8FACE film which digs into the history and evolution of skateboard art and culture is nearing completion. Up to this point, SK8FACE founder and filmmaker Matt Bass’ creative efforts, travel and hours invested in this project have been self-funded. This next phase of this worthy project involves editing, motion graphics, photo and music licensing, mastering and more.
Head over to SK8FACE’s Kickstarter page where you can and pledge funds to the fundraising effort needed to complete this very insightful and important film. Have a look at the SK8FACE micro movie series as well!

Los Angeles Nista Radio: Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain visits Skid Row Radio’s Los Angeles Nista – Episode 109 as their studio guest. Listen in as Mr. Mountain discusses the early demise and rebirth of the skateboarding industry in the early 80s, sponsorship with Powell-Peralta, motivation and drive, a rare chance encounter with the Beatles’ late, great, George Harrison and much more. This insightful interview starts at about 10 minutes in.