Krooked’s “Selfie Sticks and Korean Tricks” Video

YouTube Preview Image Leave it to the Krooked crew to find some never before seen spots all the way out in Korea. selfie sticks and Korean tricks served up by Mike Anderson, Bobby Worrest, Sebo Walker, and special guest Jake Johnson.

Krooked Guest Artist: Mat O’Brien

YouTube Preview ImageA video featuring Krooked’s newest Guest Artist Mat O’brien just went live in the Krooked catalog. Mat Obrien’s new Guest Artist Krooked board is out now-ish. Have a look!

My Friend, Van Wastell

YouTube Preview ImageVan Wastell was a unique individual, skateboarder and friend to many of us in the skateboarding community. Long coming is this tribute by Joe Krolick at Classic Clip to a friend that is missed dearly. This short documentary film is dedicated to the loving memory of Van Wastell who passed away in September of 2008. You will forever be with us, Van! Rest in Peace.

Krooked & Freedumb Airlines with Dan Drehobl

YouTube Preview Image

Skaters in Cars Looking At Spots

Chris Nieratko explores spots in Krooked pro Mike Anderson’s hometown of Ventura, Calif.

Mark Gonzales & Brad Cromer in BARK_MRAD

YouTube Preview ImageKrooked is proud to present a new collaboration with NYC artist Stephen McClintock featuring two limited Edition decks, a 28-page zine with artwork by Mark Gonzales and a short film, BARK_MRAD with Mark Gonzales & Brad Cromer in NYC. Check out the collaboration right here.