Kevin Wilkins

A. Hero’s Welcome with Brian Anderson at The Good Problem

BA Good ProblemThere’s something awesome to be said about good work, good journalism, good photography and good people in skateboarding. Drop on by The Good Problem where Kevin Wilkins has put together a solid interview with Brian Anderson. Take a seat a and read on as he shares his thoughts on moving forward with his pro skateboarding career as a new team member, his years of sponsorship and much more. Good stuff!

Skateboarding’s Olympics: Neal Hendrix Interview

Neal Hendrix OlympicsHas the “Skateboarding in the Olympics” news gotten you all worked up? Well, rest assured the core of skateboarding will remain and long as you continue to jump fences, evade security guards, skate renegade spots and hang tight with those that continue to do so. The Good Problem’s Kevin Wilkins has garnered an insightful interview with Neal Hendrix that brings to light the work and relations between the IOC and Skateboarding’s recent addition to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We tend to agree that it’s better us (skateboarders) than them (inline skaters) to represent skateboarding on the global stage every four years on this delicate matter. No matter what, skateboarding is you and your friends doing it day in and day out.

In Words: Tony Trujilo

The full-length Tony Trujilo interview is live at The Skateboard Mag’s website. “Fresh off Antihero’s Destination Unknown and with the Vans video on deck, Trujillo’s “In Words” is a peek at what’s around skateboarding’s next sharp corner in 2015.” – Kevin Wilkins