Milton Martinez: Product Pillage for Creature Skateboards

YouTube Preview Image Ever wonder what it’s like when your favorite skater goes to his sponsor’s warehouse and raids the place for gear? Well now you can see exactly what it’s like in this edition of Product Pillage on Strange Notes. Get possessed to skate and maybe you will be raiding the warehouse one day!

Cody Chapman: 5&5 for Independent Trucks

YouTube Preview Image Cody Chapman dishes out some quick maneuvers at the Resurrection in Ramona with the Vertical Vampire at the helm of the interrogation process for Strange Notes and Independent Trucks.

Yeah We Ride ‘Em: Independent Trucks Scotland Part 2

Part 2 has UK Independent Trucks team riders Mark Churchill, Sam Pulley, Jed Cullen and Colin Adam meeting up with Mark Burrows and Adam Paris at North Berwick before heading back to East Kilbride for a demo session with Aaron Wilmot, Saul Crumlish and Kieran Menzies. Get up to Scotland – you won’t regret it!

Yeah We Ride ‘Em: Independent Trucks Scotland Part 1

A heavy crew of UK Independent Trucks team riders headed to Scotland to session the crazy concrete they have up there. Alan Glass captures all the madness as Mark Churchill, Sam Pulley, Jed Cullen and Joe Howard braved the weather to meet up with Scots Indy maniac Colin Adam.

Pick up a copy of Sidewalk Issue 219 for full article coverage and check out this photo gallery courtesy of Chris Johnson.

Independent Trucks: Dylan Williams

YouTube Preview Image Indy rider, Dylan Williams gets downright tech nasty at the skatepark in Lakeland Fl. That’s how you and earn a six pack of tallboys and $35 dollars.

Chris Troy – On the Spot with Independent Truck Co.

YouTube Preview ImageChris Troy enjoys a sunny day at his local park in Carlsbad, California and gets put On the Spot.

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