Georgie Tsushima

Georgie Tsushima 1988-2015

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In Remembrance: Georgie Tsushima

YouTube Preview ImageLast week skateboarding’s greater community lost one of it own. Georgie Tsushima was friend of many skaters from his home state of Iowa to those he met when he relocated to Southern California. He was a very talented individual both upon the gripatpe and behind the lens. He is honored and remembered in this tribute video put together by his friends at Stereo Skateboards and beyond.

To continue Georgie’s dream – Please visit the page set up for him and donate any amount that you can to help towards Georgie’s memorial, arrangements, and funding to keep the doors of his newly opened FLC Skateshop in Ames, Iowa open and running.

Rest in Peace Gerogie Tsushima.

Stereophonic Sound Volume 25

YouTube Preview Image In Volume 25, follow the Stereo team, including Tommy Fynn, Jordan Hoffart, Nate Greenwood, Chris Pastras and more to a session at Diamond Skate Plaza in Los Angeles.

Then hit the streets with Field Agents Georgie Tsushima, Kevin Love, Ben Fisher, Yoshi Tanenbaum, and Jordan Hoffart.

The episode winds down with a schoolyard line from Dune with a look at the new Robert Mars Classics series.