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Dew Tour Long Beach Results

Yuto Horigome Dew Tour 2018The third edition of the Dew Tour Long Beach is a wrap and over the weekend those on the scene and those tuned into the live webcasts witnessed some great skate action by veteran pros and new challengers. Japan’s rising pro Yuto Horigome took the top spot on the Men’s Pro Street podium and Brazil’s Pamela Rosa earned her crown for the first-ever Women’s Pro Street competition. In the Women’s Pro Park event, Nicole Hause nailed her last run to snatch the highest points from Bryce Wettstein who remained in the lead from the first round of runs. Cory Juneau took a much deserved repeat victory in the Men’s Pro Park competition by linking up a frontside kick flip and more. Drop by the Dew Tour site for all recaps, additional results, photos, video clips and more.

Final Results
Mens Pro Street Finals
Yuto Horigome – JPN 91.00
Jagger Eaton – USA 88.69
Kelvin Hoefler – BRA 88.00
Ryan Decenzo – CAN 87.33
Chaz Ortiz – USA 84.66
Vincent Milou – FRA 84.33
Chase Webb – USA 76.66
Dashawn Jordan – USA 73.00

Zumiez Destroyer Award
Ryan Decenzo – CAN

Men Pro Park Finals
Cory Juneau – USA 93.33
Oskar Rozenberg – SWE 91.00
Tristan Rennie – USA 90.00
Clay Kreiner – USA 88.00
Heimana Reynolds – USA 84.33
Alex Sorgente – USA 83.66
Keegan Palmer – AUS 83.00
Luiz Francisco – BRA 73.66

Zumiez Destroyer Award
Oskar Rozenberg – SWE

Women Pro Street Finals
1. Pamela Rosa – BRA 82.00
2. Jenn Soto – USA 79.66
3. Alexis Sablone – USA 78.66
4. Candy Jacobs – NED 77.33
5. Mariah Duran – USA 76.33
6. Leticia Bufoni – BRA 75.33
7. Samarria Brevard – USA 61.00
8. Aori Nishimura – JPN 57.00

Women Pro Park Finals
1. Nicole Hause – USA 89.33
2. Bryce Wettstein – USA 86.33
3. Jordyn Barratt – USA 80.33
4. Poppy Starr Olsen – AUS 77.00
5. Lizzie Armanto – USA 75.33
6. Hanna Zanzi – USA 72.00
7. Sakura Yosozumi – JPN 68.33
8. Nora Vasconcellos – USA 67.00

Zumiez Destroyer Award
Jordyn Barratt – USA

Team Challenge
1. Blind | 318.33
Trey Wood – Park – USA 74.00
TJ Rogers – Tech – CAN 85.33
Micky Papa – Rails – CAN 89.00
Yuto Horigome – Gaps – JPN 70.00

2. Element | 317.66
Kevin Kowalski – Park – USA 76.33
Chris Colbourn – Tech – CAN 76.33
Dominik Walker – Rails – USA 83.00
Mason Silva – Gaps – USA 82.00

3. Plan B | 317.32
Alex Sorgente – Park – USA 86.33
Felipe Gustavo – Tech – BRA 80.33
Trevor McClung – Rails – USA 78.66
Chris Joslin – Gaps – USA 72.00

Individual Section Winners
Alex Sorgente – Park – Plan B 86.33
TJ Rogers – Tech – Blind 85.33
Micky Papa – Rails – Blind 89.00
Mason Silva – Gaps – Element 82.00

Qualify for 2017’s Dew Tour with Podium Skate

YouTube Preview ImageFor the first time ever, Dew Tour is giving skateboarders everywhere the opportunity to compete in Long Beach this summer by using the Podium Skate app. Podium Skate is a new app created by CA Productions that allows users to upload their footage and be ranked by their pro judges for a chance to be invited to the live event on June 15th-18th. This will be the only way to gain entry to participate in this year’s Dew Tour Am contest.

Here’s how it works… For the Dew Tour Am Bowl Competition, the user will upload one fluid bowl/ transition run up to 45 seconds long, with no music or graphics. For Dew Tour Am Street, they will upload one clip including 3 tricks (1 tech, 1 rail, 1 gap). Street clips can be filmed anywhere (parks or street) and must be less than 45 seconds long with no music or graphics.

After the public scoring round, the Podium/ Dew Tour Pro Judging panel will score the top submissions and determine the final rankings.

Dew Tour Am Bowl Qualification:
Top 3 finishers from Podium Skate will go straight to the Amateur Bowl Semi Finals at Dew Tour in Long Beach, CA. They will receive a free entry into the event ($150 value) and a travel credit to help get them there.
1st – $1250 Travel allowance
2nd – $750 Travel allowance
3rd – $500 Travel allowance

7 skaters selected by Transworld Skateboarding will go straight to the Amateur Bowl Semi Finals at Dew Tour in Long Beach.
48 skaters (4th-51st) from Podium Skate will go to the Amateur Bowl Qualifier at Dew Tour in Long Beach.

Dew Tour Am Street Qualification:
Top 3 finishers from Podium Skate go straight to the Amateur Street Semi Finals at Dew Tour in Long Beach. They will receive free entry into the event ($150 value) and a travel credit to help get them there.
1st – $1250 Travel allowance
2nd – $750 Travel allowance
3rd – $500 Travel allowance

6 skaters selected by Transworld Skateboarding will go straight to the Amateur Street Semi Finals at Dew Tour in Long Beach.
4 skaters from the Transworld Skateboarding Shop Showdown will go to Round One of the Amateur Street at Dew Tour in Long Beach.
44 skaters (4th-47th) from Podium Skate will go to Round One of the Amateur Street at Dew Tour in Long Beach.

Podium Skate is a brand new platform that allows users, sponsors, and pros to focus solely on skateboarding. Subscribers will have the ability to upload their own videos and view other video submissions directly from their mobile device, highlighting local talent, featured skaters, and their favorite pros. It’s the first app that allows users to judge and rank video submissions. Based on video scores, skaters will have the opportunity to win cash prizes, trips, free gear, and the ability to qualify for major events. For more info go to

2016 Dew Tour Long Beach Results

Dew Tour Ryan ShecklerThe 2016 Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew and TEN:The Enthusiast Network took place in Long Beach, California over the weekend with a new twist to skateboarding competition. On Saturday Ryan Sheckler nailed down the most points on four separate skate sections – Tech, Bowl, Rails and Gaps to claim his 15th Dew Tour win during the individual competition. The action continued on Sunday with many of the best skateboarders competing in an all-new Team Challenge which included the same four separate skate zones. In the end, the Blind Skateboards team made up of: TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, Cody McEntire and Trey Wood came out on top with the most points.

In all, nine teams competed which also included heavy hitters from Flip, Plan B, Element, Real, Birdhouse, Toy Machine, Baker and enjoi.

Catch up on all of the action from the weekend at, and tune into the televised broadcast on NBC from 5-6pm EST on July 30th and at 2-4pm EST on July 31st.

Final Results
Individual Pro Competition
1. Ryan Sheckler (USA) – 364.33
2. Louie Lopez (USA) – 356.98
3. Ryan Decenzo (CAN) – 344.66
4. Cody McEntire (USA) – 323.65
5. Sean Malto (USA) – 321.32
6. Carlos Ribiero (BRA) – 313.00

Team Competition
1. Blind Skateboards – 369.32
Cody McEntire (USA) – Gaps 90.33
TJ Rogers (CAN) – Tech 90.33
Micky Papa (CAN) – Rails 95.66
Trey Wood (USA) – Bowl 93.00

2. Flip Skateboards – 359.66
Louie Lopez (USA) – Gaps 92.00
Luan Oliveira (BRA) – Tech 81.33
Alec Majerus (USA) – Rails 93.00
Curren Caples (USA) – Bowl 93.33

3. Plan B Skateboards – 358.99
Chris Joslin (USA) – Gaps 94.00
Scott Decenzo (CAN) – Tech 89.66
Jagger Eaton (USA) – Rails 92.33
Ryan Sheckler (USA) – Bowl 93.33

Kelvin Hoefler Wins Dew Tour Street and Streetstyle in LA

Kelvin HoeflerUnder the blazing sun and 90 degree temperatures in downtown Los Angeles, many of the world’s best professional skateboarders took to the Dew Tour’s street and streetstyle courses over the weekend. On Saturday, Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler nailed down impressive tricks in each of the sections of the street course to take home his second straight Dew Tour win. On Sunday morning Kelvin signed in as an alternate (Ishod Wair pulled out) and continued his momentum up the hill on Broadway Street, where he took the win over Trevor Colden who skillfully landed in second and Ryan Decenzo killed it to take third place earnings.

For complete results, photos and video recaps of all the action, drop by the Dew Tour site.

Skateboard Street Final Results
1. Kelvin Hoefler
2. Louie Lopez
3. Shane O’Neill
4. Tom Asta
5. Chris Joslin
6. Trevor Colden

Skateboard Streetstyle Final Results
1. Kelvin Hoefler
2. Trevor Colden
3. Ryan Decenzo
4. Louie Lopez
5. Milton Martinez
6. Ryan Sheckler

Jimmy Wilkins Earns First Dew Tour Win

Jimmy WilkinsDew Tour Los Angeles kicked off yesterday at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA with the Vert Finals competition. In his first of three runs, Jimmy Wilkins nailed down the highest points out of the gate and held onto first place through the duration of the event.

“I love LA, this city has a great skate scene so it’s perfect to have the Dew Tour here. I’m way stoked to have won, I like to just have a good time and let the skating progress itself,” said Wilkins of his first-ever Dew Tour win. “These are all my friends, so it’s awesome to travel and skate with them.”

The competition continues today with Street Final and the Streetstyle Final tomorrow. Check the Dew Tour LA schedule for event times and Live Stream info.

Skateboard Vert Final Results
1. Jimmy Wilkins
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
3. Elliot Sloan
4. Mitchie Brusco
5. Paul-Luc Ronchetti
6. Sandro Dias

Full results right here.

Dew Tour LA Vert Final Live Stream Today

Dew Tour LAThis afternoon’s Vert Final at Dew Tour Los Angeles takes at 4pm PST/6pm ET. Tune in and check the action via the Live Stream beginning at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm ET!

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