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DC Shoes: De La Calle/Da Rua: Felipe Gustavo

YouTube Preview Image More of the game-changing, super progressive skating you’d expect from one of the most talented skaters in the world… Two insane parts in one month!? Felipe is on fire!

Learn more about the De La Calle/Da Rua project at by clicking here.

Harold Hunter Day IX Recap Video

YouTube Preview ImageDC Shoes put together a sick recap video of Harold Hunter Day IX. If you missed this year’s event, here’s your chance to get a taste of went down at the Coleman Oval/LES Skatepark on Sunday, October 4th, in New York City.

Dennis McGrath’s First Book HEAVEN Launches Globally

Heaven BookDC Shoes announces the global release of renowned photographer Dennis McGrath’s first book, HEAVEN. Through his lens, this book displays in gritty reality the rise and fall of infamous 1990’s pro skateboarder Lennie Kirk. Designed by Artist, Ed Templeton, HEAVEN is a photo book that took 20 years for McGrath to produce and includes a series of letters and commentary from those who grew up skateboarding with the troubled Kirk.

HEAVEN is made up of 134 pages and only 1,000 limited first-edition copies are available for purchase through seemsbooks.com or dennismcgrath.net

Dennis McGrath says, “I’m honored to have created this book for him and look forward to how people will relate to Lennie’s story. Life is hard and this book may not end on a happy note, but it will provide a better understanding of his journey. Lennie and I talk regularly and his story is far from over.”

A story of struggle and glory, Kirk started his skateboarding career in the early ‘90s at the age of 16. He was only 18 when he was run over by a Pacific Bell van that broke his board and left him unharmed. From his “walk away” miracle to making hard choices that would lead to a prison sentence, Kirk’s story is both inspiring and heart breaking. Through powerful photos the book paints a picture of how easily the world around us can change.

For the global book launch, DC Shoes and McGrath created a footwear and apparel product collection that uses select images from the book to highlight his perspective of Kirk. http://www.dcshoes.com/DCxDennisMcGrath. As no surprise to us, McGrath has stated that he plans to give his profits from the collaboration sales to Lennie.

For more information on DC Shoes and Dennis McGrath’s book, HEAVEN, please visit dcshoes.com.

Nyjah’s N2 Shoe Released

YouTube Preview ImageNyjah Huston’s second pro model shoe by DC is now in shops worldwide. The N2 by Nyjah meets the unrivaled performance demanded by DC’s three-time Street League Super Crown Champion with a range of progressive tech features. Hit up the DC site for more info and check the promo video to see some of the functionality that is stitched into this shoe’s silhouette.

DC SHOES: Introducing the N2 by Nyjah

YouTube Preview Image DC SHOES has introduced the N2 by Nyjah. With a Super Rubber outsole for unrivaled durability, Impact-G for unrivaled cushioning, and Exo-Cage upper for unrivaled support, the N2 by Nyjah Huston is built to skate.

DC Shoes: Chris Cole For The Cole Lite 2

YouTube Preview Image DC Shoes and Chris Cole celebrates the release of an all new shoe that blends lightweight technology with durable features, the Cole Lite 2.