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Tampa Pro 2017 Converse CONS Concrete Jam Highlights

Skate Daily was at Tampa Pro 2017 to catch all the action at the Converse Cons Concrete Jam & Jenkem Best Trick Contest, check out some of the highlights featuring Cody Lockwood, Tom Remillard, Jake Wooten, Eric Winkowski, Ishod Wair, Charlie Blair, Daniel Vargas, and Riley Stevens.

Sage Elsesser One Star Pro CC

Keeping with the lo-fi shoe promotional video trend that is seemingly apparent in 2017 (not that we’re complaining) is this short film featuring Sage Elsesser for his CONS One Star Pro CC colorway.

Watch Sage cruise the city while he stylishly jumps onto and over some of New York’s taller obstacles in this rad clip from CONS.

Filmed & edited by Ben Chadourne