Chris Cope

Chris Cope: Blow’n Up The Spot – Backyard Playland

YouTube Preview ImageResting in the heart of Brooklyn this backyard castle of concrete caters to Chris Cope’s abilities. This clip will put you in the right State of Mind… Shred all Quarters!

Wild at the Zoo – Chris Cope

Chris Cope versus the Zoo Pool. Full lines filmed during a two hour solo session. Pure destruction.

Chris Cope’s “Route 44” Part

YouTube Preview ImageWith close to eight months still left to go to close out the year, we’ve virtually cast our vote for Thrasher’s 2016 Skater of The Year to Chris Cope. Virtually unknown until his “Route 44” part dropped late last week, this ripper lays tracks and tricks down where few opt to roll. Check out the next three minutes full of unique lines and creative heaviness. Damn.

Blow’n Up The Spot with Chris Cope

Chris Cope sets the table for possibilities at San Diego’s WSVT in this installment for Independent Trucks.