Antwuan Dixon

The Nine Club Episode 107 – Antwuan Dixon

YouTube Preview ImageHave you ever sat at home and wondered what the hell Antwuan Dixon has been up to? Well, lately he’s been sober, staying out of trouble, and working on getting some footage. Tune in to find out a bit more about how Antwuan went from an unknown skater to a household name overnight and more on the latest episode of The Nine Club.

Dangerous Freedom: Antwuan Dixon

YouTube Preview ImageAsk anyone about Antwuan Dixon, and the first thing out of their mouth will usually be something about his unmatched style. Yet Antwuan’s allure goes far beyond his innate and completely unique way of skating. Since his entrance into the skate world he’s always been at the center of attention, even when he’s not on a skateboard, but over the last couple years he’s dodged the spotlight as he’s dealt with countless personal struggles. Antwuan opens up about the struggles he’s faced, chasing sobriety, and his will to rise back up, follwed by some new footage that we’ve been waiting for for a while now. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Spic Films – Antwuan Dixon