Poetic Collective White Black Colour Part 3 & Gallery

Kingpin Magazing has posted Poetic Collective’s final chapter of their “White Black Colour” full-length. This “Colour” part is featuring Klas Andersson, Nils Lilja and Danny Westin skating the streets of mainly Malmö and Berlin. Click here to learn more about the project and view the photo gallery.

Ed Templeton TWS Legend

YouTube Preview Image Here’s the video that played at this year’s TWS Awards just before Ed came onstage to accept the Legend Award. Ed knew nothing of this video, admitted it got him a little choked up, then delivered the best Legend acceptance speech ever.

Funk Outta Here: Tristan Funkhouser

Tristan Funkhouser has been on a tear lately and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as evidenced by his latest full part “Funk Outta Here”.

Cuba’s Skateboarding Scene Continues to Grow

Cuba SkateThe rise of skateboarders in Cuba, with women in particular, has recently been highlighted by the Miami New Times. This featured article goes into skateboarding’s rise and how many skaters are using skateboarding to break out of societal norms on the communist island, all for their own freedoms which don’t come so easy. Have a look at the related photo gallery right here as well.

Carlos Iqui: Know Future

YouTube Preview ImageThunder Trucks just dropped their newest Know Future clip with featured team rider Carlos Iqui.

Mike Rogers 50th Birthday Grind for Life Fundraiser

mr_50_crowdrise_toutOur buddy, a lifelong skater and two-time cancer survivor, Mike Rogers is turning 50 and to celebrate, he’s put together a fundraiser to help people with cancer that could use support for long distance travel to receive treatment. Please visit his Crowdrise Funding page and visit Grind For Life for more info with the special work that he does.