Vans Presents The A.Skate Auction for Autism

A.SkateFollowing the success of the A.skate Foundation’s Autism Friendly Skate Session at this year’s Vans Downtown Showdown, Vans is proud to announce a very special auction of art that was produced live during the event. Featuring the works of globally renowned artists such as Rich Jacobs, French and Jay Croft, the auction presents a truly unique opportunity to not only own a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but also to really make a difference to the lives of young people living with Autism. Head on over to the Vans Skate page and have a look at the artwork up for auction! 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the A.skate Foundation.

Each piece of art will be auctioned alongside a pair of equally unique custom Vans Slip-Ons, hand illustrated by the artists, making for a truly fantastic gift, for yourself, or others!

The auctions are hosted on and will run untill 18:00GMT on Sunday, November 24th.

A Dozen Years Dumber: Jake and Ishod

YouTube Preview ImageA classic skate moment for Real Skateboards is recreated and the stakes are raised in this awesome clip with Jake Donnelly and Ishod Wair. Max Schaaf, Tommy Guerrero, and Jim Thiebaud are on the scene for guidance and moral support.

Epicly Later’d: Geoff Rowley – Part 2

In part two of the Geoff Rowley series, he talks about moving to California with the Flip team, skating with the Tempster, shooting pics with Dan Sturt, and how taking a brutal slam is almost as good as the make.

Black Label Introduces Franky Villani & Jake Reuter

YouTube Preview ImageBlack Label Skateboards introduces two new team riders Franky Villani and Jake Reuter. This pair of young guns will be featured in the Label’s new promo video Black Blood coming soon.

Felipe Gustavo is Now Pro

Felipe Gustavo has joined the pro ranks with this intro video and a pair of Plan B signature decks. Earned through hard work and solid street skating skills.

Actions REALized: Hanging Klansman for Johnny KIcks Cancer

YouTube Preview ImageThe guys at the Deluxe plant went behind Jim’s back to release a very special limited edition 20 Year Reissue of his first ever pro deck on REAL Skateboards, the Hanging Klansman to benefit the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation. The Hanging Klansman for Johnny Kicks Cancer includes the LTD EDT Hanging Klansman deck in 8.25 X 32, the original Thiebaud Shape 9.75X31.9, a Klansman T-shirt, sticker and LTD EDT Print.

The online release went faster than expected and several items have already been sold out online, but are all hitting skate shops around the world now.

A portion of the proceeds from the Hanging Klansman decks and capsule will go to Johnny Kicks Cancer, an amazing foundation dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia. Thanks for getting behind this great cause.