Emerica Active Demo in Chino Hills

YouTube Preview Image Active Ride Shop recently hosted a demo and autograph session with the Emerica team in Chino Hills, CA. Check out the video above and click here for more pics from the event.

Nike SB Ruta Panamericana Demo LA

YouTube Preview Image The stars were out as the Nike SB team finished its long Panamericana Tour in Los Angeles last night. Mariachi El Bronx blasted music into the night air as Ishod, Koston, Colden, Luan and more ripped up Lincoln Park plaza in this latest clip from TWS.

Weekend Buzz: Ep. 94 Pt. 2

YouTube Preview Image Rob and Lee continue their conversation with Karl Watson, Lenny Rivas & Woogie at Weekend Buzz. Karl shares World Park and EMB stories; tells tales about Banana man, hubba hideout & Eric Koston. Learn the story behind Lenny’s missing Circa video part, Woogie’s fakie hardflip down Rincon and more.

Create Your Vision: The Ledge Part II

YouTube Preview Image Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, and Pat Duffy love a good DIY spot. Find out why they prefer the DIY style to the typical skate park environment in this latest video from Arnette.

In Absentia: Quartersnacks Remix

YouTube Preview Image Quartersnacks has remixed Jim Hodgson’s footage from “In Abesentia” video featuring Rodney Torres, Anthony Pappalardo, Bobby Puleo, German Nieves, Brian Wenning, Albie, Mike Wright and Andy Bautista.

Kyle Frederick’s “12 O’clock Karl” Part

YouTube Preview Image There’s been a lot of footage of Kyle Frederick floating around this week in anticipation of his “12 o’clock Karl” part. He was featured in Thrasher’s “Magnified” and “Hall of Meat” clips earlier this week and also got the spotlight in “Kyle Frederick Knows” for Thunder.

Sit back an enjoy a few clips from this East Coast powerhouse.