Spitfire’s Year To Burn – Round 2

YouTube Preview ImageSpitfire Wheels’ “Year to Burn” is back for Round 2. Together with Metro Skateboarding, Spitfire is giving skaters worldwide the chance to win a year’s worth of sponsorship from Spitfire. It’s time to get those clips posted to your Instagram feed!

Yaje Popson and Darius King on Brixton

Yaje Popson and Darius King have joined the Brixton skate team with this short edit.

2016 Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam Results

Collin Graham2016’s Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam went off once again at the Lake Cunningham Skatepark yesterday with a $35,000 prize purse – the Men, Ladies and Masters divisions entertained all in attendance with great moments of bowlriding. Collin Graham, Arianna Carmona and Mitch Mendez took top honors in their respective competitions. Below are the results of those earning some cash for their efforts. Visit the Tim Brauch Foundation for a great look at the mission, people involved, programs and events from previous years.

Final Results
1. Collin Graham – $8000
2. Jack Winburn – $5000
3. Kiko Francisco – $3000
4. Zion O’Friel – $3000
5. Josh Rodriguez – $1000
6. Max Jensen – $500
7. Charlie Martin $200
8. Jeromy Green $100

1. Arianna Carmona – $3000
2. Hunter Long – $1500
3. Nicole Hause – $1000
4. Autumn Tust – $800
5. Beverly Flood – $700
6. Bryce Wettstein – $500

1. Mitch Mendez – $3000
2. Steve Caballero – $1500
3. Steve Revord – $1000
4. Rodney Mead – $800
5. Richard Sanchez – $700
6. Brandon Fields – $500

Check in at the World Cup Skateboarding site for complete results.

Venture Trucks’ Neighborhood Watch with Jack Curtin

YouTube Preview ImageSkate around downtown San Francisco with Jack Curtin in his new ‘Neighborhood Watch’ clips the new goods from Venture Trucks for Fall 2016 have just dropped.

2016 Red Bull Rippers Live Webcast

Red Bull Bowl RippersIt’s no secret that we enjoy live webcasts of skate events around the world. To have the ability to sit back and watch the action on your own screen from wherever you are in the world is pretty damn sweet (depending on your internet connectivity). Well, if you’re up early today in the USA, be sure to tune into the Red Bull Bowl Rippers feed from the world renowned Du Prado bowl in Marseille, France. 25 years deep!

The Semi Final rounds kick of at 3pm local time, 9am EST and 6am PST. A field of twelve international bowlders (below) gun for 6 spots to the final round.

Quarter Final Results
1. Alex Sorgente – USA
2. Robin Bolian – FRA
3. Danny Leon – FRA
4. Chris Russell – USA
5. Vincent Matheron – FRA
6. Cory Juneau – USA
7. Ivan Federico – ITA
8. Murilo Peres – BRA
9. Julien Benoliel – FRA
10. Stephan Boussac – FRA
11. Kevin Kowalski – USA
12. Alex Hallford – UK

The Live Feed link is right here!

BS With TG: Matt Hensley – Part 1

YouTube Preview ImageTommy Guerrero’s caught up with street skating veteran and skateboarding icon Matt Hensley while he was on tour with Flogging Molly recently. Have a seat and check out this first part of two episodes!