Videofolio: Jeremy Hugues

Red Bull Skateboarding has launched a new feature at their site called, Videofolio, which allows filmers a window to showcase their favorite personal footage. To kick things off, they’ve asked the young Frenchman Jeremy Hugues to collect some clips into a montage.

Monster Children: Eight & Sand

For Issue 45 of Monster Children, Nike SB and MC put Daryl Angel and Nick Boserio on an Amtrak train and sent them up the west coast of America, from San Diego to Seattle, hunting out spots and eating fireside beans right out of the can. Photographer Andrew Peters and the filmer Riley Blakeway were there to document the journey. See the full story here.

Chico Brenes’ Central Skate Camp

Check out this video the Transworld shot in November of the opening of Chico Brenes’ Central skate camp in his home country of Nicaragua. Karl Watson, Zack Wallin, and Paul Shier joined the expedition. The skate camp is held at the Surf Ranch Resort in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Vol 4: “Dos Amigos” Part 1

YouTube Preview Image Check out Vol 4’s Spring 2015 Wild West inspired collection as Dee & Nuge head out to Joshua tree searching for new spots, and get swept into the psychedelic world of the Spa-Skatti Western. In “DOS AMIGOS” Part 1 of 3.

Cody Chapman: 5&5 for Independent Trucks

YouTube Preview Image Cody Chapman dishes out some quick maneuvers at the Resurrection in Ramona with the Vertical Vampire at the helm of the interrogation process for Strange Notes and Independent Trucks.

Kevin Lowry For Coalatree Organics

YouTube Preview Image Coalatree Organics welcomes Kevin Lowry to their team in this clip filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern.