Maurio McCoy Nails Damn Am Los Angeles

YouTube Preview ImageThe first stop of Damn Am 2018 converged upon the ETN Studios over the weekend where Maurio McCoy took home the win amongst a heavy field of contenders. Have a look at the action of the finals.
Final Results
1. Maurio McCoy
2. Lucas Alves
3. Yoshi Tanenbaum
4. Gage Boyle
5. Matheus De Souza
6. Jake Ilardi
7. Kyle Eggen
8. Tyson Bowerbank
9. Gabriel Fortunato
10. Marcos Montoya
11. Henry Gartland
12. Becker Dunn

ETN Partners with Vans Park Series

Oski VPSHeading into the 2018 Vans Park Series season which kicks off in Sao Paulo, Brazil this June, it has been announced that ETN has signed on as the Live Broadcast media partner to present the VPS events on ETN free of charge for viewers around the world.

“Vans Park Series looks forward to showcasing another inspiring year of elite park terrain skateboarding through a new media partnership with ETN,” said Bobby Gascon, producer of Vans Park Series. “ETN provides an organic connection to core skateboarding that is critical to uphold Vans Park Series’ integrity, and reinforces our commitment to establishing a powerful platform for professional skateboarding worldwide.”

The 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour will be broadcast live and for free on the ETN app,, and The new partnership will expand Vans Park Series’ global reach towards a diverse and engaging audience, from core skateboarding loyalists to an emerging mainstream skateboarding fan base worldwide. Download the ETN app or visit for more information.

2018 Vans Park Series tour dates, including Continental Championships and National Championships are now posted on

The New York Times: Skateboarders Won

NYT SkateboardingIn case you missed it, The New York Times recently featured a skateboarding-specific article citing its mainstream growth, evolution of public acceptance and the skatepark era that has defined pieces of the modern urban landscape. Read on.

OJ Wheels – Cruisin’: Raybourn and The Boys

YouTube Preview Image Not even the Northwest dampness can stop Ben Raybourn and his squad from a good time out on the streets of the City of Roses.

The Nine Club: Ishod Wair – Episode 91

YouTube Preview Image Ishod Wair drops by The Nine Club to discuss his NJ roots, sponsorships, skate spots, shoe colorways and much more. Listen in!

Ivan Monteiro Nails Down PHXAM 2018

YouTube Preview Image Brazil’s Ivan Monteiro handled his business with consistent skate moves at the 17th Annual PHXAM and took home the win. Congrats Ivan! Nowhere to go now, but up!

Final Results
1. Ivan Monteiro
2. Maurice Jordan
3. Jack Olson
4. Jake Ilardi
5. Maurio McCoy
6. Vincent Milou
7. Henry Gartland
8. Giovanni Vianna