Daily Grind: Ewen Bower at Stockwell

Daily Grind is a short series from Red Bull Skateboarding devoted to iconic skateparks and the talents which have been shaped by them. One rider, their home ground, one camera, and one day.

Stockwell (occasionally known as Brixton Beach) sits behind the world famous Brixton Academy in south London. Built in 1978 and resurfaced with varying degrees of success several times since, it is an absolute must-do for anyone from, or passing through the capital, who is into skating.

Among the best of the current crop today is Ewen Bower. Bower is a standout because he’s so versatile, an all-rounder in the great British tradition of skating everything well.

17th Annual TWS Awards, Online Readers’ Choice Winners

YouTube Preview Image New for this year’s show, TWS incorporated several additional TransWorld SKATEboarding content based Readers’ Choice awards in an effort to open up more category voting to the fans. From the best TWSKATE photos of the year, to the covers, to the Video Check Outs, and everything in between, the voices of fans were heard.

Rick Rossi’s “Headlaw” Part

YouTube Preview Image Rick has a unique bag of tricks as well as some unreal, never-seen spots at his disposal. That combination will always create an interesting part. The last three or four tricks here are pretty wild.

DVS Rubbish Heap Skate & Create

The DVS team travels to Detroit in search of semi-safe abandoned buildings, the kind of off the radar locations that have become ideal breeding grounds for DIY skate spots. Coming Monday to twskate.com.

How to Film Skateboarding with Ewan Bowman

YouTube Preview ImageThis is a four part series for Cons Project, providing a DIY lesson on how to film a skate video. Four films will show you tips on skate filming including editing techniques, follow filming, shot composition, and skating in front of the camera with experts Mike Gilbert, Ewan Bowman, Nick Genova, and Don “Nuge” Nguyen.

P-Stone’s “Year In Rebru” 2014

When shit hits the fan, P-Stone is there to capture the action with beer in hand. This is a heavy edit. Buckle up.