TNT SG Available Today

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Tony Trujillo’s new shoe, The TNT SG, is out now. Check out these two videos to see Tony putting them through some rigorous tests both on and off the board.
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“The State of Skate”: Skateistan in Afghanistan

YouTube Preview Image Skateboarding in Afghanistan – The idea sounds crazy, doesn’t it? There are now over 750 skateboarders in Afghanistan – and nearly half of them are girls. How did this even happen? In a place where the female literacy rate is only 13%, where girls’ access to education, let alone sports, is barely existent… The Skateistan girls are doing it all. Watch this video and learn the incredible story of skateboarding in Afghanistan.

Yeah We Ride ‘Em: Independent Trucks Scotland Part 2

Part 2 has UK Independent Trucks team riders Mark Churchill, Sam Pulley, Jed Cullen and Colin Adam meeting up with Mark Burrows and Adam Paris at North Berwick before heading back to East Kilbride for a demo session with Aaron Wilmot, Saul Crumlish and Kieran Menzies. Get up to Scotland – you won’t regret it!

DGK: Fear and Loko in Tijuana

YouTube Preview Image Lenny Rivas has a special connection with Tijuana, Mexico. He’s always really wanted to do something for the kids in Mexico; so he arranged a DGK product giveaway and a demo with himself, Dane Vaughn, and Woogie at Parque De La Morales. This trip is featured in the new Kayo Magazine, available for free at skateshops everywhere.

Corey Glick: Bones Wheels Welcome Video

YouTube Preview Image Bones Wheels welcomes Corey Glick to its family of riders.

Woodward West Skateboarding at Winter Camp 2014

YouTube Preview Image Justin Brock reports from the scene of skateboard destruction at Woodward West. Featured skaters at Winter Camp also included Tom Schaar, Billy Marks, Neal Hendrix, and Alex Midler.