Volcom Presents: CJ Collins – Teenrage

YouTube Preview ImageIn celebration of CJ Collins’ 13th birthday, his father Chad decided to put out a 13 minute video part of footage that has been compiled over the years. Happy 13th Birthday CJ!

Skateboarding’s Olympics: Neal Hendrix Interview

Neal Hendrix OlympicsHas the “Skateboarding in the Olympics” news gotten you all worked up? Well, rest assured the core of skateboarding will remain and long as you continue to jump fences, evade security guards, skate renegade spots and hang tight with those that continue to do so. The Good Problem’s Kevin Wilkins has garnered an insightful interview with Neal Hendrix that brings to light the work and relations between the IOC and Skateboarding’s recent addition to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We tend to agree that it’s better us (skateboarders) than them (inline skaters) to represent skateboarding on the global stage every four years on this delicate matter. No matter what, skateboarding is you and your friends doing it day in and day out.

CPH Open 2016 Nears

YouTube Preview ImageIshod Wair recently visited Copenhagen with several locals to warm up the streets and canals for next week’s CPH Open.

A unique contest format has been set for 2016’s CHP Open, where the event will be moving from spot to spot on land and by sea. The CPH Open is everything the other competitions are not. It’s been dubbed as “The Champagne of Skateboarding.” The action begins soon!

BS With TG : Natas Kaupas – Part 1

YouTube Preview ImageTommy Guerrero is back with another two-part episode of ‪BS with TG. This time, with his good friend and street skating pioneer Natas Kaupas! Find out what Natas has been up the past fifteen years, how he got his start in the skate world and stories from the infamous Cadillac Tour.

Skateboarding Set for 2020 Olympics

YouTube Preview ImageOfficially announced yesterday, skateboarding will move forward as a medaled Olympic sport beginning with the Tokyo summer games in 2020.

Love Notes: Ep 2 Gonz, Peter Hewitt and Arto Saari

YouTube Preview ImageIn the second installment of Love Notes, Mark Gonzales reveals who his least favorite skate video maker is, Peter Hewitt talks about his favorite skate videos and Arto sends some love to Finland’s “Top Doggie” Lightman.