Bones Brigade Vault

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With the release of the Bonus Brigade video, new items have been added to the Bones Brigade Vault for sale.

Many of you have been asking about the hours of unseen interviews, outtakes, and other material Stacy and his crew gathered during the making of Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. Well, after many long weeks in the editing bay, nearly three hours of that extra footage now fills Bonus Brigade, a collector’s edition DVD and online release that includes:

  • Unseen interviews, stories, and interactions on the set.
  • Unseen footage covering street skating, skate videos and other subjects.
  • Red carpet highlights from the Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals.
    And more.

Bonus Brigade (which does not contain Bones Brigade : An Autobiography) will be released on October 25th on DVD for $15.00, HD digital download for $12.50, and SD digital download for $10.00. You can preorder now. We are sure you will enjoy Bonus Brigade, as it adds a new layer of history and commentary on Stacy’s groundbreaking team of skateboarders and the eras of their reign.

We added a new VAULT, making available a few items that you might be interested in. They include signed decks and film posters by Rodney, Tony, Mike, Lance, Tommy, Steve, George and Stacy. Plus, very limited numbers of one-off mock film posters signed by George and Stacy, ten JUICE magazines signed by George and Stacy, and other film-related merchandise.

Hiroshi in London and at Crossfire Online

Hiroshi LondonHead over to Crossfire right now and don’t miss this interview with Haroshi regarding his “Pain” exhibition in London this month. Mind blowing creativity!

Yoshi Tanenbaum Lands on Stereo Team

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Maryland’s Yoshi Tanenbaum has worked his way up the ranks of the Stereo flow program ripping the streets of the Baltimore/DC area, winning a Damn AM, helping Stereo win the Woodward West Shootout, and generally leaving everyone who sees him skate in person with a dropped jaw. When you’re out on the road, he’s the guy skating flatground in the parking lot at 2am after skating all day and night. He’s a true powerhouse who skates every session like it’s the last day on earth. To describe him as hard working is an understatement. With all that said, Stereo Skateboards is honored to announce Yoshi as our newest am to our team. You’ve truly earned this one buddy. Welcome to the Stereo squad! ” – Chris Pastras

Adventures With Chris – Ray Barbee

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In the latest Adventures with Chris, Mr. Nieratko sits down Ray Barbee, one of childhood idols and one of the smoothest guys to ever step on a skateboard. Listen in as they to discuss his epic 1989 Powell Peralta Ban This part and how filming has changed over the years.

Know Control – Know Thunder: Kevin Bradley

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The fourth and final Know Control – Know Future Thunder clip just went live with Kevin Bradley. Check out the new clip, and his quick response interview at the Thunder Trucks site.

Dew Tour: Ryan Sheckler Two Peats in Streetstyle

Ryan Sheckler destroyed the Dew Tour’s Streetstyle course in San Francisco once again to seize the win. During his victory lap he pushed through the pain of a tweaked ankle to nail a kickflip off of the shipping container too! Congrats Shecks!

Final Results
1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Curren Caples
3. David Gravette
4. Ryan Decenzo
5. Alec Majerus
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Dave Bachinsky
8. Adam Dyet