VOX Monthly Mash: Episode 3

YouTube Preview Image Catch up with some of the Vox team’s latest sessions in this edition of Monthly Mash Ep.3 Featuring Danny DiCola, Cody McEntire, Al Brunelle, Frank Shaw, Drew Dezort, and Brendan Keaveny!

Noah Holmes: Shredit Cards

YouTube Preview Image Some skaters have the tech stuff. Some skaters have the burly stuff. Noah Holmes has a bit of both—and he can throw a proper heelflip over a gap. Check out his Shredit Cards edit to see what else he’s got.

A Case of the Mondays: Sea Monster Hardware

YouTube Preview Image FSEC club member and best dude out, Austin England has been blowing minds with his artwork for years, and now he’s got a new hardware / rolling papers company called Sea Monster. AlBow’s been homies with Austin for a long time, so we’ll let him tell you more about it.

Lost Art Kings: Mark Baines

YouTube Preview Image Mark Baines has a new edit (filmed by Matt Hirst) for Lost Art. You can read the full article with stories and photos by clicking here.

Cliché: Gypsylife Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

The next full length video from Cliché Skateboards will be released this spring. Keep an eye out for Max Geronzi, Paul Hart, Kyron Davis and the rest of the team.

Softhits Vol. 1: One Tape at a Time

YouTube Preview Image Softhits is a new project from Orchard co-owner Armin Bachman that showcases some of the assorted awesomeness going on with the Boston skateboarding family set to a smooth adult contemporary soundtrack.