2016 Amateur Combi Pool Classic Results

World Cup Skateboarding has shared this video of last week’s Vans Amateur Combi Pool Classic filmed by Dan Bourqui. Bowlriding’s future looks bright.

Final Results
16 and Over
1st Iago Magalhaes 22 Curitiba, Brazil- $2000
2nd Matt Wilcox 16 Simi Valley, CA – $1400
3rd Travis Rivera 16 Encinitas, CA – $800
4th Hericles Fagundes 19 Florianopolis, Brazil – $600
5th Bryson Farrell 16 San Diego, CA – $400
6th Augusto Akio Curitiba, Brazil – $300
7th Tyler Edtmayer 16 Lenggries, Germany – $200
8th Shea Donavan 18 Salida, CO – $100
9th Liam Pace 16 Tucson, AZ – $100
10th Griffin Chase 17 Monroe, WA – $100

15 and Under
1st Keegan Palmer 13 Currumbin, Australia – $2000
2nd Asher Bradshaw 12 Los Angeles, CA – $1400
3rd Tate Carew 11 San Diego, CA – $800
4th Cash Money Kenton 12 Ojai, CA – $600
5th Seth Sanders 13 Fresno, CA – $400
6th Gavin Buttoner 9 Vista, CA – $300
7th CJ Collins 13 Victorville, CA – $200
8th Jedd Mckenzie 15 Bar Beach, Australia – $100
9th Taylor Nye 12 Costa Mesa, CA – $100
10th Evan Doherty 13 Valley Center, CA – $100

BS with TG : Mark Gonzales Part 1

YouTube Preview ImageBS with TG is back, this time with special guest Tommy’s longtime friend and Krooked cohort, Mark Gonzales. In Part 1, Tommy and Gonz roll through Mark’s studio in NYC to check out some new board shapes, destroy some brain cells with spray paint fumes and BS about all things skateboarding!

New REAL Fall Drop 2 Release & Jack Olson’s thnku Part

YouTube Preview ImageRobbie Brockel and the crew kick off the newest REAL Fall Drop 2 release with photos from their recent ATL trip. Plus, Jack Olson has a new full part from his homie’s video thnku from Minnesota by Chris Burt. Check out Jack’s part and get the full thnku DVD here.

Bones Bearings: 3 Ways To Win – Rolls Ahead

Bones Bearings SweepstakesThe Bones Bearings 3 Ways to Win sweepstakes continues to roll ahead! So far, 240 Sweepstakes winners have been chosen and 2 Instant Winners have claimed their prizes. The Sweepstakes portion ends in a week, but INSTANT WINNER tickets will be waiting in Bones Bearings packages until all are discovered. Head over to the Bones Bearings site to learn more with your chance to win. Follow @bonesbearings and #winwithbonesbearings as well!

The Most Requested éS Shoe Returns

SLB 2016éS is excited to be re-releasing one of the most requested skate shoes in the history of skateboarding – The éS SLB. Designed by veteran pro skater Salvador Lucas Barbier in 1996, the éS SLB is a timeless classic that encompasses style, function and durability.
Being the first skate shoe to feature an internal neoprene sock, éS continued to take innovation to new levels. Keeping the foot snug and locked into position, the sock helps to provide extra support, comfort and confidence in your skating.

This first offering of the LTD Green/White colorway is available only at the best skate shops. More colors to come in Spring 2017.

Drop by the éS Skateboarding site for more info and a have a look into their skate footwear history as well.

A. Hero’s Welcome with Brian Anderson at The Good Problem

BA Good ProblemThere’s something awesome to be said about good work, good journalism, good photography and good people in skateboarding. Drop on by The Good Problem where Kevin Wilkins has put together a solid interview with Brian Anderson. Take a seat a and read on as he shares his thoughts on moving forward with his pro skateboarding career as a new team member, his years of sponsorship and much more. Good stuff!