Shep Dawgs “Best Of Volume 4” video

YouTube Preview Image They’ve been rolling deep for years, but the Shep Dawgs really set it off in 2014. Watch them burn it down in this Hell of a Year edit over at Thrasher’s website.

Brad McClain’s “Welcome to Cliché” Video

Brad McClain logs in some quality time on this mini ramp for his “Welcome to Cliché” video.

2015 Girls Combi Contest Results

YouTube Preview Image Vans held their 2015 Girls Combi Contest last week in Orange, California. Here are the final results.

14 & Under
1. Brighton Zevner
2. Spencer Breaux
3. Minna Stress

15 & Under
1. Poppy Starr
2. Jordan Barratt
3. Autumn Tust

1. Alana Smith
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Allysa Bergato

The Diamond Plaza with Bastien Salabanzi

YouTube Preview Image Going one step beyond a simple flip-in-flip-out approach, Bastien tends to turn it up with an extra flip here and there. Street League hit up the new Diamond Skate Plaza in Los Angeles, CA for a quick, fun afternoon session with the French ripper.

SPoT Road Trip: Downtown Throwdown, Winter Haven

YouTube Preview Image Winter Haven has this skate event called “Downtown Throwdown” that takes places in (you guessed it) downtown Winter Haven, in front of Jessie’s Bar, so the SPoT crew decided to load up some the van and take a trip out there to check it out.

UK Vans Team at House of Vans

YouTube Preview Image After a brief hiatus, the House of Vans in London is seeing skate action again. Liam Searle captures the Vans UK team reacquainting themselves with the facility.