SPoT Life: Damn Am at Familia HQ

YouTube Preview Image The Damn Am Contest Series rolled through Steve Nesser’s Familia HQ in Minneapolis this past weekend. Skaters from across the country battled for spots in Tampa Am at the Skatepark of Tampa later this year. Head over to the SPoT website for a list of results and a complete wrap-up.

Final Results
1. Cody Davis
2. Anthony Anaya
3. Tanner VanVark

Happy Birthday Lance Mountain!

YouTube Preview Image Today marks Lance Mountain’s 50th birthday. So let’s all celebrate the imaginative, creative and youthful spirit that Lance has brought to skateboarding throughout the years. Skateboarding would surely be much different without his influence and progressive talents. Cheers Lance!

Thunder Know Future: Jack Olson

YouTube Preview ImageHot shot Jack Olson dishes out his Thunder Know Future video clip with an effortless 180 Switch Crooks. Check out the his interview and stay tuned for the final Know Future Video with Tyson Bowerbank coming soon.

Heath and Jeff Survive the Troubled Waters of Baja

Baja toutOver the past years, they’ve peddled their bikes across America, climbed up and slept upon, and surmounted the treacherous vertical face of Yosemite’s El Capitan, and they’ve navigated through the rough and sinewy Grand Canyon stages of the raging Colorado River. But in a twist of fate, Hearth Kirchart and his cohort Jeff Vallee recently ended up trying to stay afloat in the troubled coastal waters of Baja, Mexico. The pair faced rough winds and seas which capsized their small boat and put them on the brink of death. Visit their We’re Really Doing It blog to have a solid chapter by chapter read into the journey including the how, what, where and why of this adventure.

We’re very thankful that all ended well and both Heath and Jeff we’re able to walk away with literally just the clothes on their backs. Whew!

2014 World Freestyle Round-Up

The third annual World Freestyle Round-Up – hosted by Bones Brigader Kevin Harris – went down from May 16th-19th in Cloverdale, BC. With a $10K purse up for grabs, both veteran and a new generation of freestylers came from all over the world to skate at this event. Here’s a taste of what went down.

Nakel Smith: Know Control – Know Future

YouTube Preview ImageNakel Smith is next up in #2 of 4 Thunder Know future videos with a few clean clips down a Florida double set. Check out The Nakel video and interview, then stay tuned for the next Thunder Know Future videos coming soon with Tyson Bowerbank and Jack Olson.