Annette “Family Vacation: Madrid” Part 1

YouTube Preview Image The Arnette Skateboarding team travels to Spain to spend a few days exploring the streets of Madrid. Check out Pat Duffy, Scott Decenzo, Javier Sarmiento, Sierra Fellers, Cristian Sanchez, Willy Santos, Alain Goikoetxea, Danny Leon, and Fries Tallieu in this first of two parts of “Family Vacation: Madrid”.

Keep Skateistan Rolling!

Over the month of December, Skateistan is hoping to raise $60,000 to help keep them rolling into next year. Skateistan has big plans for 2015, so this is their biggest fundraising goal to date and they need your help to get there!

They only reach out to our supporters for donations a couple of times a year; this is your chance to make a huge difference in the life of a child.

Why? It matters for kids to have safe places to play, especially those living in difficult circumstances or in a conflict situation. In places like Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa, the streets aren’t a safe place for children. Everyone knows the value of a warm meal and school supplies, but Skateistan’s programs provide all that and more. Children deserve more – they deserve a childhood. They deserve an escape from the realities and stresses of growing up in an extremely difficult setting.

That’s where Skateistan comes in.

Recently, Skateistan was featured on a special 25th anniversary edition of CBS ‘Courage in Sports.’ They are really excited about the feature, and it does a brilliant job at telling the story of Skateistan and capturing the magic that is happening there. Watch it to learn why Skateistan is so special, and keep the magic happening by making a donation!

Al Brunelle Welcomed to Vox

YouTube Preview ImageVox is stoked to announce Al Brunelle as the newest addition to their team. Al hails from Denver and now resigns in Santa Clarita, California. You’ll be seeing a lot more mashing from this ripper in the near future.

Chris Troy – On the Spot with Independent Truck Co.

YouTube Preview ImageChris Troy enjoys a sunny day at his local park in Carlsbad, California and gets put On the Spot.

Ishod Wair in “Paych”

With just thirty days left in the year, Ishod dropped another new part last week. This time, he shines in the independently produced NYC video ‘PAYCH’ which was filmed and edited by Johhny Wilson. It’s available for purchase right here.

Introducing Honey Brand Co.

YouTube Preview Image Keelan Dadd, Aramis Hudson, Hayden Kelly and Steven Fernandez are part of a new apparel company called Honey Brand Co. You can learn more about it by clicking here.