Kyle Walker Pro Mini Site Launched

YouTube Preview ImageFollowing a Pizza Skate Jam in LA which was also a surprise party last weekend, Kyle Walker’s mini sitee just went live with his his Real Skateboards’ pro ad, and more. Check it out.

Fully earned and deserved – Cheers Kyle!

Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story

YouTube Preview ImageAs the June 23 release nears with “Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story”, Rob Brink, now doing great work at The Hundreds, took the opportunity to catch up with Chris for a conversation about the forthcoming documentary on Chris’ life, his hard fought and lasting skateboarding career, the obligations behind sponsorships and more. Dig in.

X Games Real Street 2015

X Games Real StreetX Games’ Real Street 2015 rolls out tomorrow, June 17th with these 9 contenders putting out their individual video parts online. Two winners will be selected. One Gold Medal winner will be selected by Real Street judges Jason Rothmeyer, James Craig, Tim O’Connor & Pat Duffy and earn 30K.

The voting ends on Saturday, June 27th where a “Fan Favorite” winner will be determined by the fans voting on their favorite parts to take home 10K. Check the Real Street videos at and cast your votes.

Also, Real Street airs on ABC June 27th and the Gold Medal winner will be announced on “World of X” check your local listings for times.

Jordan Hoffart’s Skateable Home

YouTube Preview Image Not only does Jordan Hoffart eat, sleep and breathe skateboarding, he lives it — both literally and figuratively. The Canadian native made the move South to Vista, California some years ago and naturally required a place to call home. With no established credit, Hoffart chose a foreclosure due to the agreeable price and amount of yard space. With the help of his experienced friends Josh Hawkins and Kyle Berard, the house was completely gutted and built around Hoffarts eclectic personality and profession.

Fully skate-able from front to back, the property sees a mini-quarter pipe, lips, ledges, kickers, a huge bowl that took around six weeks to build, and the “Canadian mud lump.” Moving inside, the home is chock full of both Hoffart and his wife’s personality, repurposing and giving new life to age-old findings. As Hoffart puts it, his favorite pieces are all “something with purpose from another life” and include a skateboard from the ’50s with steel wheels, a railroad tie now used as a mantle, subway tiles that now fill his washroom, and his most prized piece of furniture, a armoire that used to belong to Tony Hawk. Watch the video above to see Jordan take a rip through his unique home that skateboarding built. – Hypebeast TV

Anthony Van Engelen’s “Propeller” RAW Files

YouTube Preview Image This episode of Vans Propeller RAW files is fucking gnarly. AVE kills it! Sit back and enjoy the clips and kick ass out there wherever this week may take you!

Micky Papa Wins Damn Am Select Series Chicago

YouTube Preview ImageCanadian ripper Micky Papa stole the show with the third stop of the Damn Am Select Series from Chicago over the weekend. This was his first win in the series and it puts him in contention for Damn Am of the Year and a spot in the Nike SB SLS 2016 Pro Open. Check out some highlights from Semis, Finals and Best Trick. The next stop for the Damn Am Select Series takes place in Costa Mesa, CA later this summer.

Final Results
1. Micky Papa
2. Alex Midler
3. Christian Dufrene
4. Dashawn Jordan
5. Gage Boyle
6. Justin Drysen

Best Trick
1. Dashawn Jordan – Bigger-spin Front Boardslide to Fakie
2. Micky Papa – Kickflip Backside Tailslide Bigspin
3. Yoshi Tanenbaum – Backside 360 Kickflip