Antihero’s Tent City Now On iTunes

Tent CityThe Tent City iTunes release includes the original Tent City video, all the video extras that we’re included in the original DVD, plus a new 10 Year Anniversary audio commentary version with the whole team reflecting on the month-long trip 10 years later. John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt, Frank Gerwer, and Julien Stranger are featured in this epic month long road trip in Australia, sleeping under the stars, traveling with friends, and skating the whole time. Get on it!

Landlouping with Poler

In this video featuring Poler’s jackets, beanies, and gloves, their friend Phillip T. Annand embarks on a journey to explore the origins of #campvibes! Directed by Corey Adams and Produced and supported by Farm League

Richie Jackson: “Promotional Film”

YouTube Preview Image Skateboarder Richie Jackson uses his creative approach to put out this exceptional and unique video part filmed throughout 2013 in Venice, California.

Carhartt x Antiz Shred the Alps

Carhartt organized what looks like a rather expensive trip to the Alps, with certain skaters who aren’t even on their team (although they are doing an Antiz collab so it kind of makes sense), to produce a video all for the web.
Check the spots they skate and the beautiful surroundings they encounter. Skateboarding is everywhere.

Coping Mechanism – John Magnusson Preview

Coping Mechanism is a new documentary film by Phil Evans about the Swedish city of Malmö and its unique relationship with skateboarding and concrete.

More info on the film and copies are available right here.

Jack Olson Wins Tampa Am 2013

YouTube Preview ImageWe’ve been watching Minnesota’s Jack Olson rise up over the years and yesterday day was another benchmark in his young skateboarding career. He won 2013’s Tampa Am with some great runs filled with switchstance tricks like the ones above. Congrats Jack!

Check the other highlights the Skatepark of Tampa site and the final Tampa Am 2013 results below.

Final Results
1. Jack Olson
2. Jon Consentino
3. Pat Schaefer
4. Matt Berger
5. TJ Rogers
6. Tyson Bowerbank
7. Chase Webb
8. Brodie Penrod
9. Nassim Guammaz
10. Dashawn Jordan
11. Trevor Colden
12. Dylan Williams

Independent Best Trick Contest
1. Matt berger – Frontside bluntslide to big flip out
2. Sewa Kroetkov – 360 flip nose manual nollie front foot flip out
3. Jack Olson – Switch 180 crooked grind nollie kickflip out
4. TJ Rogers – Switch frontside bigspin noseslide to biggerspin out
5. Michael Davis – Switch frontside 270 shove to backside lipslide