Elemental Awareness Skatecamp Scholarship

YouTube Preview Image Each summer, Elemental Awareness sends kids to Element Skate Camp in the Sequoias. Check out the video from this year’s group as they look back on their time meeting new people, building shelters, making boards, swimming and skating.

Ashbury Welcomes Nate Greenwood

YouTube Preview Image Stereo’s East Coast powerhouse, Nate Greenwood has added Ashbury Eyewear to his list of sponsors.

Midwest Madness Part 1

YouTube Preview Image Take a trip with Dan Drehobl, Navs, Parts, Manderson, Childress, Guzman and more as they roll through the Midwest and tear up the terrain from vert to the streets in Part 1 of a 3 part series airing all week.

Mag Minute: Brendan Keaveny

Brendan Keaveny is featured in this week’s Mag Minute from The Skateboard Mag.

Auby Taylor: Know Control – Know Future

YouTube Preview Image Auby Taylor kicks off the first of the new Know Future videos which will be released over the next three weeks.

In other news from Thunder, be sure to check out their new lineup including the all new Malto Triple Play Titanium Lights, Provost Thunder Lights, Herman Supercharged Lights, Camo Sonora Lights and more.

Forward Slash Remix: Manolo Robles

Darkstar and DC Shoes EU team rider, Manolo Robles remixes a few tricks from ‘Forward Slash’ combined with over four minutes of new technical ledge wizardry.