Nike SB Berlin Open Final Results

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Nike SB Berlin Open was the third and final event of the 2015 European Series 2015. Held at the Nike SB Shelter over this past weekend, the event will played host to some of the finest Pro and AM skaters from Europe and beyond.

The Ride Channel has condensed some of the madness into two clips highlighting the top three runs and Best Trick Event. Check out the full results by clicking here.

1. Aurelien Giraud 83.53
2. Kevin Baekkel 80.07
3. Carlos Ribeiro 79.44
4. Richard Tury 77.54
5. Maxim Habanec 76.82
6. Douwe Macare 76.55

Santa Cruz Welcomes Tom Asta

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Santa Cruz Skateboards recently acquired Tom Asta to the Pro Lineup, and here’s two minutes of ripping Asta footage to celebrate. From Street League, to filming heavy video parts, Asta can’t be stopped. Welcome to the squad, Tom! Look out for Tom’s part in LRG’s 1947 vid coming soon!… Tom Also rides for Ricta Wheels, and MOB Grip.

Van Doren Invitational Canada 2015: Finals

YouTube Preview ImageEven Mother Nature couldn’t stop Mother Hastings from going mental this weekend. Thrasher Mag compiled this edit of the 2015 edition of The Van Doren Invitational. Congratulations to Alex Sorgente for taking home 1st place and to Dalton Dern for conquering the infamous Hastings transfer.

Final Results
1. Alex Sorgente
2. Cory Juneau
3. Brad McClain
4. Nolan Munroe
5. Tristan Rennie
6. Adam Hopkins
7. Ben Hatchell
8. Mason Merlino
9. Kevin Kowalski
10. James Clark
11. Daniel Vargas
12. Zack Miller

Erik Obertubbesing VHS Edit (1999)

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In the Summer of ’99, Erik asked Jim Hodgson (Jim’s Skate Stash) if he could have some of his footage thrown onto a VHS tape. Instead of just dumping the raw footy, Jim ended up making this edit.

Weekend Warriors Vol 37 – Baker Zone ep. 26

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Before the crew left for their Summer Tour they dropped off this 17 min epic. Baker delivers the longest and possibly best Weekend Warriors yet. WW Vol 37 brings you Andrew Reynolds, Spanky, Bryan Herman, Terry Kennedy, Erik Ellington, Cyril Jackson, Tristan Funkhouser, Rowan Zorilla, Nuge, and probably a dozen more.

Supra Presents The Lizard King Signature Shredder

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Supra presents the all-new Shredder low top. They’ve taken the traditional vulcanized skate shoe and adapted it to meet Lizard’s own tastes and needs. Shredder offers a classic, straightforward design updated to meet the demands of modern skateboarding. Hit up your local SUPRA Footwear retailer to grab a pair, or go to