Afternoon In The Park: Lurkville

It took a couple sessions to capture footage of the whole Lurkville team but Transworld has done just that with the latest installment of “Afternoon In The Park” with Dolan Stearns, Brendan Keaveny, Chris Larue, Mike Abarta, David Cobb, Ben Gardner.

Independent Trucks: Koston II Forged Hollow

YouTube Preview Image Eric Koston sizes up a significantly over vert wall ride and yanks it off second try in this video commercial for his pro model Independent Forged Hollow trucks.

SK8FACE Film Ramps Up Through Kickstarter

YouTube Preview Image In the works for the past two years or so, the SK8FACE film which digs into the history and evolution of skateboard art and culture is nearing completion. Up to this point, SK8FACE founder and filmmaker Matt Bass’ creative efforts, travel and hours invested in this project have been self-funded. This next phase of this worthy project involves editing, motion graphics, photo and music licensing, mastering and more.
Head over to SK8FACE’s Kickstarter page where you can and pledge funds to the fundraising effort needed to complete this very insightful and important film. Have a look at the SK8FACE micro movie series as well!

Lutzka Wins Simple Session 2014

Greg LutzkaOut at Tallinn, Estonia’s Simple Session 2014 this weekend, Greg Lutzka overcame an earlier collision (and a hospital visit) to put together some solid tricks to come home with a win. Have a look at the play by play hosted by Germany’s Dave Luther and USA’s very own Dave Duncan.

Final Results
1. Greg Lutzka USA
2. Phil Zwijsen BEL
3. Kelvin Hoefler BRA
4. Aurelien Giraud FRA
5. Ryan Sheckler USA
6. Robin Bolian FRA

Garage 402…

YouTube Preview Image Magnethead, Oudalay Philavanh, Steven Reeves, Danny Tumia, Mason Merlino, Cody Lockwood and Frank Shaw reshape some boards and then give them a test ride over at Garage 402.


Migrators is collaborative project filmed in London, England and Norrköping, Sweden by Robin Thorn and Robert Betts which features Madars Apse, Anton Myhrvold and host of other heavies. Check it out.