8:00AM The Deluxe Warehouse Video

YouTube Preview ImageOver the last year the DLX Warehouse crew has been working overtime in the streets, filming for ‘8:00AM’ #TheDeluxeWarehouseVideo by Colton Elrod. Copies of the full length video are now available featuring full parts from Adrian Vega, Alex Fatemi, Alex ‘Tonz’ Wolslagel, Zech Stewart and Adam Becerra. Each copy comes with a 36-page zine of photos shot by Bram De Martelaere during the filming. Available through online retailers and better skateshops near you.

Cardiel on The Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

YouTube Preview ImageThe Mostly Skateboarding Podcast has a new episode featuring John Cardiel’s account of the Sunset Car wash session and a story about skateboards literally saving his life in Portland. Listen in!

Damn Am 2015: Mini Mega Contest at Woodward PA

YouTube Preview ImageLast night a new crop of talented skaters took to Woodward PA’s mini MegaRamp and threw down a grip of tricks and combos. Have a look at the future MegaRamp rippers in this contest recap.

Actions REALized: Roll For Rob Skate Benefit #2

YouTube Preview Image On August 15th, skaters and friends met up at Northampton Skatepark in Massachusetts for the second “Roll For Rob” event in support of Rob Pontes who was recently diagnosed with ALS. Real Skateboards has released a 2nd Edition Actions REALized deck to coincide with the event and has also produced this recap video featuring Justin Brock, Jake Ruiz, Willy Lara, Brandon Westgate, Justin Figueroa, Levi Brown, and more.

SPoT Life: Damn Am Woodward PA: Finals

YouTube Preview Image Damn Am Select Series contests are always the best, but doing one smack in the middle of the world’s best skate camp made the Woodward PA Damn Am even better. This was the fifth of seven stops for the year and the level of ripping was off the chain, but when it comes to SPoT contest it’s all about the level of stoke, and that was absolutely all time. Go to SPoTTampa.com for more and follow @SPoTTampa.

Final Results
1. Josh Douglas
2. Alex Midler
3. Liam McCabe

Independent Best Trick
1. Andrew Grabowski (Switch FS Flip 5-0)
2. Liam Mccabe (360 Double Flip Lipslide)
3. Jamie Foy (Kickflip FS Crooked Grind)

“Lost In Translation” DVD

“Lost In Transition” is the untold story of backyard ramps and pools in the south, and the role they played keeping skatingboarding alive at a time when its fate was uncertain. These ramps and backyard scenes represent the beginning of the DIY revolution that gave skateboarding the freedom it needed to survive.

The footage in this film was all filmed between the years of 1982 and 1992, documenting the gap between the fall of vert skating and the rise of street. The video includes full sections from the 1988 Underground Skatepark NSA Contest, the Ramp Ranch, the Garden Ramp and much more. Order your copy by clicking here.