Chris Joslin Encore

This is yet another insane new video part from The Skateboard Mag’s 2014 Year’s Best Am, Chris Joslin. Get your hands on issue #132 to check out Joslin’s 14-page feature!

Joslin, Thomas, Jaws & Hawk For Fred Water


Earlier this week, Fred Water proudly welcomed the first four skateboarders to the brand: Ranging from up-and-coming AM to pro to legend status – Chris Joslin, Jaws, Jamie Thomas and Tony Hawk – these four influential skateboarders are committed to Fred’s mission of drinking more water more often. Water is essential and Fred’s pocket-friendly water flasks make it easier to carry.

Behind The Cover: Carlos Ribeiro, LRG “Perspectrum”

YouTube Preview Image LRG filmmaker Kyle Camarillo breaks down what went into LRG’s Skate & Create video “Perspectrum”. A six-camera rig and the influence of David Hockney were a few of the pieces to the puzzle.

Dave Chami used an assortment of camera and film mediums for February‘s ground-breaking cover shot of Carlos Ribeiro’s switch backside nosegrind in San Francisco. Watch all the Skate & Create videos here.

adidas Skateboarding The Rosewood Invitational

YouTube Preview Image To celebrate the release of the Crush Pack, adidas Skateboarding and The Hundreds hosted the Rosewood Invitational, a soccer tournament featuring teams from the skateboarding and streetwear world. Watch Tim O’Connor recap all the highlights.

David Gravette: ‘In The Park’ for Creature Skateboards

YouTube Preview Image David Gravette hits The Grotto in his residence of Portland, Oregon in this episode of ‘In The Park’ for Creature Skateboards, and Independent Trucks. Sit back and enjoy.

Bru-Ray: Oj Wheels: “To Denver & Back” Part 1

YouTube Preview Image Park sharks, parking lots, and bowl trolling. The OJ squad hit the road and P Stone was there to capture the action.