How to Film Skateboarding with Don “Nuge” Nguyen

YouTube Preview Image This is a four part series for Cons Project, providing a DIY lesson on how to film a skate video. Four films will show you tips on skate filming including editing techniques, follow filming, shot composition, and skating in front of the camera with experts Mike Gilbert, Ewan Bowman, Nick Genova, and Don “Nuge” Nguyen (above).

TORRO! Skateboards: “Hit & Run NYC”

YouTube Preview ImageTORRO! founder Rodney Torres is always on a mission to find new creative spots to skate in New York City, but in order to make something happen this winter, he had to take some risks to get things done. Rodney did just that by skating a deteriorating bank spot along the water in Brooklyn, NY in freezing cold temperatures for this “Hit & Run NYC” commercial to set off 2015.

“duzzed.” Premiere at 2nd Nature Brooklyn

YouTube Preview ImageMichael Sassano will be premiering his skate film “duzzed.” tonight at 2nd Nature skate shop in Brooklyn. The party kicks off at 8 pm with a photo show and free beer for those 21 and over.

Riley Hawk & Shep Dawgs Skate Tour: Jefferson Park [Part 4]

YouTube Preview Image Riley Hawk and the Shep Dawgs crew reach their final stop in Seattle, Washington, for the Scion x Riley Hawk Driven video series.

This session at outdoor session at Jefferson Skatepark is the end of the Pacific Northwest skateboarding tour that saw them travel the region in two Scion xBs. Carving the asphalt with Hawk this round is Troye Rhoades, Taylor Smith and Stephen Lawyer.

Rodney Mullen: What is a Skateboarder? Innoskate 2014

YouTube Preview Image What is a skateboarder? Hear from pioneer Rodney Mullen on that topic and more when he was at Innoskate in Lakeland, Florida hosted by The Boardr, the Polk Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian. Check out photos and more coverage from the event here.

Beyond the Elementality

Desillusion editor in chief Sebastien Zanella, met Johnny Shillereff at Element’s new office, ‘The Branch’ in Costa Mesa, to discover more about the man & his unique vision on skateboarding, industry & life. This short film is based on the article “Beyond The Elementality” published in Desillusion Magazine 48.