X Games Real Street 8 Cut

X Games Real StreetThe fans have voted and these eight rippers have moved on to Round 2 with X Games Real Street. Have a look and keep voting to push your favorites into the Final 4 which will be announced on June 2nd.

Mikey Taylor Knows – New Thunder 149 II

YouTube Preview ImageThe newest video piece for the new Thunder 149IIs features Mikey Taylor. Check out his clip and a brief interview over on the Thunder site.

Loveletters to Skateboarding: Classic Skate Teams

Skating is an individual pursuit, but sometimes teams of guys and gals get put together for whatever reason and make an impact on the skateboard world. Grosso sits down with Tony Alva, Scott Foss and Tony Hawk among others to discuss several classic skate teams.

Loveletters to Skateboarding: Over the Edge

In this new episode of Loveletters to Skateboarding, Jeff Grosso sits down with pioneer and vert veteran Rick Blackhart to discuss the genesis of the vertical roll in and other guys that used this key move to make it to generate speed or get served.

Vans Pool Party 2014 Results

Last Saturday’s 10th annual Vans Pool Party was definitely one for the history books. The event ushered in a new crop of several new hungry young guns as some Pool Party veterans were either absent, injured or had untimely falls in their runs. Nothing endures but change and the world of professional bowlriding is not immune to it. Have a look at the recap of the action above.

Final Results

1. Tristan Rennie
2. Josh Rodriguez
3. Cory Juneau
4. Trey Wood
5. Brad McClain
6. Tom Schaar
7. Andy Macdonald
8. Josh Borden

1. Bruno Passos
2. Brian Patch
3. Darren Navarrette
4. Sergie Ventura
5. Steve Revord
6. Darin Jenkins
7. Justin Lynch
8. Jed Fuller


1. Chris Miller
2. Jeff Grosso
3. Christian Hosoi
4. Eddie Elguera
5. Nicky Guerrero
6. Eric Nash
7. Lester Kasai
8. Steve Caballero

Vans Pool Party 2014 Live Webcast

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Be sure to tune into the live webcast of the 2014 Vans Pool Party today at 2PM PST. Take some time to check out the list of confirmed riders and complete schedule. Place your bets.