Can You Digit Archaeology with Anthony Scatafantangela

YouTube Preview ImageOn this week’s episode of Can You Dig it, Anthony Scatafantangela uncovers the Lost Lance Mountain guest artist decks. See the episode and all the newest decks from Antihero, only on CH18 Public Access.

MapleXO and Case-of-Bass Team Up for Portland Skateparks

MapleXO RampSkateboard recycler MapleXO joins forces with boombox maker Case-of-Bass to turn skateboards into music and a ramp that is blowing minds.

The ramp is a 4-foot tall quarter pipe covered in the colorful maple wood scraps of skateboard manufacturing. To match the loud colors, the entire ramp is a high-tech boombox and was the centerpiece of Portland’s National Go-Skate-Day event, GoSkatePDX.

Ezra Cimino-Hurt, owner of Case of Bass breaks it down, “The ramp has a 400w digital amplifier pushing 2 Cerwin Vega 15” PA drivers, a pair of 4” midrange speakers, and a 15” PA horn DeathBox. There are switchable 3.5mm stereo input and Bluetooth inputs. It runs off a fully rechargeable NiMh battery system with smart charger and secondary power supply for AC use. Did I mention it goes to 11?”

Along with its high quality sound system and beautiful recycled skateboard wood skin, the ramp is built to be skated.

Lindsay Jo Holmes, owner of MapleXO explains, “The pool coping and the smooth transition makes it the perfect ramp to skate… although, feeling the music come through the ramp as you skateboard across pieces of skateboards… that’s what makes this ramp a treasure.”

In addition to the music-bumping quarter pipe, MapleXO + Case-of-Bass are making a personal sized boombox out of the recycled skateboard wood with similar qualities in sound and aesthetic. Three of these boomboxes and the quarter-pipe are being auctioned off along with a gallery full of other skate-themed art pieces at Gallery135 through the month of July. All proceeds from the auction are being donated to help build Portland’s next public skate park.

For online bidding details and more information visit

David Torgerson’s “Ticket To Ride” Full Part

YouTube Preview Image
Real Skateboards’ newest professional Davis Torgerson’s full “Ticket To Ride” part packs a solid display of his diverse and creative street skating. Complete gnar – don’t miss it!

Behind the Loveletters

YouTube Preview ImageThings don’t always go smoothly with the the crew and interviews at The Letters. Here’s a montage of some random outtakes.

Huston on Top at Street League Chicago

YouTube Preview ImageIn front of a fully engaged and excited crowd in the Windy City’s UIC Arena, Nyjah skated away from Stop One of the 2014 Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour in Chicago with another great win after edging out Luan Oliveira and Shane O’Neill in the final moments of the Impact section. Catch up on all of the action with photo galleries and video recaps from Chicago right here.

Final Results
1. Nyjah Huston
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Shane O’Neill
4. Torey Pudwill
5. Bastien Salabanzi
6. Paul Rodriguez
7. Matt Berger
8. Tommy Sandoval

Dew Tour Ocean City Recap

The Dew Tour’s fourth consecutive yearly stop along the boardwalk of Ocean City, MD wrapped up yesterday with Baltimore native Bucky Lasek laying down some heavy lines and power moves to win the Skate Bowl competition. On Saturday Pierre Luc Gagnon returned to the top of the podium in the Vert final and Brazilian Kelvin Hoeffler owned the Skate Street Session and Best Trick events.

Final Results
1. Bucky Lasek
2. Tom Schaar
3. Corey Juneau
4. Kevin Kowalski
5. Alex Sorgente

1. Pierre Luc Gagnon
2. Jimmy Wilkins
3. Sandro Dias
4. Paul-Luc Ronchetti
5. Marcelo Bastos