Adventures with Chris: Gilbert Crockett Talks Old Dominion

YouTube Preview Image Since filming is in full swing for the Vans video they’ve taken the opportunity to sit some of the team down to look behind the skating. The rest of Season 6 will have your favorite ams, pros and legends dishing the dirt on their classic video parts. This week Alien Workshop promo talks about his part from Venue Skateshop’s shop video, Old Dominion and his Richmond, Virginia crew.

Introducing….Bianca Chandon

Bianca ChandonFor the past several months Alex Olson has been tight lipped regarding his future alliance and endorsement with a board sponsor. As we remember, he abruptly dipped away from Brian Anderson’s 3D Skateboards corral before it got off the launch pad. Well, it has been recently disclosed that Alex’s past social media posts tied to the number 917-692-2706 have in fact pointed to his very own skateboard brand now fully disclosed and titled as Bianca Chandon.

Mackenzie Eisenhour caught up with Alex in this TWS interview to discuss his launch of the brand, the polar opposites of skateboarding, and much more.

Volcom: World Premiere Tour Kickoff

YouTube Preview Image Volcom Kicked off the “True To This” World Premiere Tour with a massive event this past Saturday at their headquarters in Costa Mesa. Click here for a full list of premiere locations and be sure to pre-order your limited edition “True To This” Box Set before they’re all gone.

A.skate Foundation In Vista, CA


The A.skate Foundation will be holding an Autism friendly skateboard clinic in Vista, CA on March 16th from 3 pm – 6 pm. Families can register here and those that are interested in volunteering can contact

Star Wars x Santa Cruz Skateboards

YouTube Preview Image The Santa Cruz team (Emmanuel Guzman, Justin Strubing, Sid Melvin, Shuriken Shannon, Josh Borden and Jason Jessee) gets a little help introducing the new Star Wars collection of Decks and Cruzers from an all too familiar villain.

Chase Webb Full Video Part

YouTube Preview Image Chase Webb’s full video part is now live at the Transworld website. Be sure to check out his Vice Versa in the March 2014 issue,