BS with TG : Episode 2 with James Kelch

YouTube Preview ImageBS with TG is back for a new episode with none other than the Mayor of EMB James Kelch and his stories from the Embarcadero’s Most Blunted, dealing with T-dogs and how he ended up so bloody in the ‘Live Free or Die’ Real Skateboards ad.

Levi’s Skateboarding Presents: Skateboarding In Pine Ridge

YouTube Preview ImageLevi’s® Skateboarding proudly presents: ‘Skateboarding In Pine Ridge’, a documentary chronicling the skatepark build in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Earlier this year the Stronghold Society, an organization dedicated to empowering youth through skateboarding, art and music, had taken notice of Levi’s® skate park build projects around the world. They reached out to the brand to consider the Pine Ridge Reservation, where a park build had begun two years ago and had yet to be completed.

Conversations ensued, and it was the impassioned story of life on the Pine Ridge Reservation – and what skateboarding had started to do for it’s entire community – that quickly moved the Levi’s® team into action. Pine Ridge is largely reported in the media as an impoverished community with a drug and alcohol epidemic and teen suicide rates seven to ten times greater than the National average. When the Levi’s® team visited the reservation, they saw a community transformed. They found a generation inspired – a group of people championing each other through their collective actions.

Prior to the initial Pine Ridge build back in 2013, there were less than a dozen skateboarders throughout the community. Two years later, there are now over one hundred. Levi’s® quickly teamed up with Grindline Skateparks to complete the Pine Ridge Park this past summer. Recognizing how much skateboarding had transformed peoples’ lives in Pine Ridge, the two groups agreed to build a second park in the neighboring town of Manderson. Leading up to the week that both parks opened, Josh Matthews, Marius Syvanen, Pat Moran and Joey Pepper all flew out to skate with the youth of Pine Ridge and be inspired by their growing skate scene.

Please join us in celebrating the community of Pine Ridge on Wednesday, October 21st when we release the full-length documentary directed by Greg Hunt on as well as an insightful a photo gallery right here on Skate Daily. Featuring a score by David Pajo with an additional song written by Cat Power, you cannot help but be moved by this film – by the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Check the trailer for the film above.

Creature Fiends: In The Park – Budapest

YouTube Preview ImageSeveral of the Creature fiends headed out to Budapest on the European Postcards Trip, and rolled through Erzsebetter, Budapest. Watch Truman, Milton, Gravette, and The Hammer aka Kevin Baekkel put down some heavy ones in The Pest. Look out for Milton’s booter at the end…

Harold Hunter Day IX Recap Video

YouTube Preview ImageDC Shoes put together a sick recap video of Harold Hunter Day IX. If you missed this year’s event, here’s your chance to get a taste of went down at the Coleman Oval/LES Skatepark on Sunday, October 4th, in New York City.

Real Skateboards: Through and Through

Through and ThroughThis is the real deal people – it’s the result of Real Skateboards setting out with no video plans in mind other than skating with the crew and having fun…17 minutes of skateboarding, Through and Through.

Rumble in Ramona 5

YouTube Preview ImageDig into six minutes of vert skating’s favorite event with plenty of action by the veterans, the rookies and the die hards. If you don’t get it, you never will.