“The Good Homies” Video

YouTube Preview ImageKyle Walker’s Thrasher Skater Of The Year trip found him and some of the world’s most rippingest-rippers in Australia for a hell of a mission; watch Kyle Walker, Ishod Wair, Zyon Wright, Peter Ramondetta, Nakel Smith, and more go off, down under.

The Nine Club: Daryl Angel

YouTube Preview ImageThe show that has skateboarders talking invites Daryl Angel to discuss growing up in San Jose, his recent move to Portland, skating for Think, being the first skater to have an HD part, leaving Skate Mental to ride for Habitat, getting on Nike and more…

Jagger Eaton Wins PHX AM 2017

YouTube Preview ImageCongrats to Arizona native Jagger Eaton for a well deserved win at Phoenix Am! Check out his winning run to see how it all went down.

Check the full results from the contest here.

Adidas MJ Matchcourt Mid

YouTube Preview ImageMarc Johnson is back on the scene with the pilot episode of his new sitcom, On Your Marc! Tune in to the “Match Makin’” episode and meet Marc’s new sidekick the Matchcourt Mid x MJ. Follow the not-so-odd couple as they avoid getting juiced, appear crazy in public, learn how to kill it at life in 10 easy steps, and ultimately find their way to the streets and realize why they are made for each other.

Weiger On Skate Mental

YouTube Preview ImageWieger Van Wageningen is the latest addition to the Skate Mental pro team and is slated to drop a new part in June, keep an eye out!

Anti Hero Spring ’17 Drop 2

Going once…going twice….psych! The Spring Drop 2 Catalog from Antihero is online and up for auction. Check out Grosso’s Pool Party board, Cardiel’s Caballitos, ltd color of BA’s 1st, ‘State of Mind Pro’ series, and updated colors from artist John Herndon’s ‘A Doper Grape’ series.

Click the photo above to see Spring ’17 Drop 2 from Anti Hero.