2014 TWS Come Up Tour

For six weekends in a row in April and May, Transworld will be traveling to six cities across the country giving amateur skaters the chance to Come Up. Backed by Etnies, Alien Workshop, Bones Wheels, Independent Trucks, Official Headwear, Stance Socks, and Fred Water, the TWS Come Up Tour is ready to hook you up with tons of gear, custom skate deck clocks from Art Of Board for the winners, and of course your chance to get a Check Out in Transworld!

Click here to find out how the cut works and then register here.

Greetings From Santiago de Chile

Red Bull Skateboarding takes a trip to Chilie to explore the skate scene in Santiago. Diego Bucchieri & Omar Salazar lead a crew of Latin American chargers, including Stavros & Spiro Raziz, Juan Jose Moraga, Paris Laurenti, Juan Pablo Diaz, Milton Martinez, Mathias Torres, Christian Bica and more through the city streets, plazas, subway stations and parks.

Brixton “Sight & Sound” Video Series: Part IV

Check out part the final part of the video series documenting Brixton’s trip and two-day ‘Sight & Sound’ event with Juxtapoz Magazine during SXSW. This latest segment highlights both days of our event at the Yellow Jacket Social Club and includes full performances by together Pangea, Natural Child, Reigning Sound and Coachwhips!

Street Canoe Issue Number One Now Available

Street Canoe, one of our favorite online sites, has produced Issue #1 their Street Canoe ‘zine. The initial offering has 54 black and white pages packed with a Brad Westcott interview by Lee Bender, a “(captured)” section of skate photography, a sticker pack featuring stickers from supporters including: Spitfire, Transportation Unit, Good Grief, Instrument, Anti Hero, Alien Workshop, Premier, Absorb, Save me from Ordinary, Amigos and a ton more.

Click here to purchase Street Canoe Issue #1 for only @12.00 (shipping and handling included).

SOTY Naawwsty: Full Video

If you were boycotting the incremental releases of the SOTY Naawwsty webisodes, it’s now safe to open your laptops. Thrasher has posted the entire trip video featuring Eric Koston, Grant Taylor, Justin Brock, Donovan Piscopo, Stevie Perez Jake Donnelly and a guy named Ishod. eNJoy it!!

Epicly Later’d: Ed Templeton – Part 6

In the final part of Ed’s episode, he discusses the many highs and lows that Toy Machine has faced since he began the company. And when a leg injury sidelines Ed from skating, he and Deanna confront the possibility that he may not be able to stay on the path he’s carved out for himself.