Travesura to Release Debut EP

TravesuraScion Audio Visual is proud to present the self-titled debut EP from pro skateboarder Leo Romero’s band, Travesura. “Tree,” the third song from the four-track release, is now available via Transworld Skateboarding with the full EP available for free download on Jan. 28th.

“Tenor,” another song from Scion AV Presents Travesura, debuted last Wednesday via Scion Audio Visual’s Soundcloud.

“We often partner with higher profile artists, but when we discover a unique band like Travesura, we want to be involved from their inception,” explained Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions at Scion. “Scion is proud to be a part of Travesura’s beginnings to both music and skateboarding fans.”

Travesura, based in Long Beach, Calif. features Romero on vocals as well as guitar and harmonica, guitarist/keyboard player Eric Evans and drummer Mark Morones.

The track listing for Scion AV Presents Travesura is:
1. Dark Carnival
2. Tenor
3. Tree
4. Van Song

Curren Caples Wins 2013 Toyota Athlete of The Year

The people at Alli Sports have announced that Curren Caples has won their Toyota Athlete of the Year award for 2013. $25,000 is all his for his excellent skating upon all terrain.

Change Ups and New Beginnings

YouTube Preview ImageAfter last year’s dissolution of the World camp Anthony Shetler has taken his All I Need apparel brand into the hardgoods category with a line of skateboards. Chris Nieratko caught up with the New Englander with this interview at ESPN. Elsewhere, Stereo Skateboards has linked up with Syndrome for their distribution arrangement going forward. Speaking of Stereo, Oscar Meza has been added to the FKD Bearings team. Paradise Wheels has welcomed the Midwest’s Eric Thomas to its roster of riders.

Steve Van Doren: Vans Sidestripe Origins

YouTube Preview Image Steven Van Doren gives you a bit of insight with the legacy of the Vans Sidestripe. Debuting nearly four decades ago, the Sidestripe started as a random doodle by Vans Founder Paul Van Doren. Over the years the simple motif has evolved into an iconic symbol of the brand’s heritage. Originally referred to as the “Jazz Stripe”, the Sidestripe has marked some of Vans’ most celebrated footwear styles since its inception. Vans kicks off the celebration in spring 2014 as we reflect on the Sidestripe’s history and offer an expanded range of the original sidestriped silhouette: the Old Skool.

Flo Mirtain – Always On The Grind

YouTube Preview ImageVenture just dropped a new Always On The Grind video clip with Flo Mirtain along with their first drop of Spring 2014 goods including Felipe Gustavo’s first ever Pro V-Light truck, all new P-Rod V-Hollow Lights, plus new pro trucks from Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd and more.

Epicly Later’d: Theotis Beasley – Part 2

In the second part of Theotis’ Epicly Later’d, he discusses dealing with a Baker-imposed skate video curfew, turning pro during the 2011 Transworld Awards, and giving back to his family and fans. Head on over to Green Label to check out an interview with Patrick O’Dell about Theotis Beasley.