Organika X Brian Lotti Art Show and Board Release

Brian LottiBrian Lotti and Karl watson will be at the Kayo Fairfax flagship store showcasing Brian’s artwork, along with the original sketches and wood blocks for a new board series collaboration done with Karl Watson for Organika. Special Live Jazz Music by The Adam Topol Quartet.

RSVP for this event through the Organika Facebook page.

Multiple Personality Disorder: New York City

YouTube Preview Image In the second episode of Arnette’s ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ Skate Series, the team hopped into a fifteen passenger van and drove their way from North Carolina up to New York City for some good old fashioned city street skating.

Six Stair: Dennis McNett Temple Of Wolfbat

YouTube Preview Image Six Stair Productions has posted this video of Dennis Mcnett as he prepared for his Temple of Wolfbat show which opened at Known Gallery in Los Angeles last Saturday. Check out more images from the show over at Juxtapoz.

Jerry Hsu Sits Down with Jenkem Mag

Jerry Hsu Jenkem Magazine shares a solid interview with Jerry Hsu with his thoughts on his recent departure from Enjoi and the state of the skateboard industry. A good read for sure.

Girl Skateboards x Swanski OG Series

YouTube Preview ImageGirl continues its 20th Anniversary celebration in 2013 with the Girl Skateboards x Swanski OG Series. Warsaw, Poland-based artist Pawel Kozlowski, aka Swanski, is known for his intricate wood cutouts which he’s incorporated into the graphics in this eight-board series for Girl skaters Brandon Beibel, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Guy Mariano.

Check out the short video above for a glimpse at the amazingly detailed work that went into creating the graphics for each of these boards.

You can find the Swanski x Girl Skateboards “OG Series” at your local skate shop and at the Crail Store soon. 


The Copenhagen Project has rolled out its first trailer of The Copenhagen Project which was filmed during The Copenhagen Pro. This short film — starring Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Peter Ramondetta, Sam Beckett, Arto Saari and more — documents the festivities and mayhem that ensued throughout the city of Copenhagen in celebration of skateboarding.

Director Kai Neville and crew were able to invade Scando land with Arto Saari as their guide and it was nothing short of life altering. The film will premiere on Friday, December 13, 2013 at