Antihero’s “The Body Corporate” Trailer

YouTube Preview ImageCheck out the trailer for the new full length feature from Antihero featuring ripping and tales from the team’s latest trip to New Zealand. Coming to skate shops & iTunes July 25th.

Vans’ UltraRange Pro Pioneers New Evolution of Skate Cushioning and Grip

Vans Ultra ProVans is set for a global release the UltraRange Pro this Saturday, June 17th. This revolutionary performance skate shoe is designed to enhance the fundamental union of skate cushioning and grip with the introduction of a unique co-molded bottom unit, combining Vans’ trusted UltraCush™ Lite foam with Vans’ original waffle outsole. This all-new shoe also utilizes a brand-new internal sock-fit construction, providing a breathable, responsive and snug fit, along with ventilated tongue, collar and quarter panels for increased airflow. Drop by the UltraRange Pro’s mini site for more info.

The Nine Club – Episode 52 with Mike Carroll

YouTube Preview ImageMike Carroll discusses growing up in San Francisco, riding for H-Street, skating Embarcadero, what the EMB crew used instead of wax, quitting H-Street to ride for Plan B, starting Girl Skateboards with Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and Megan Baltimore, how the name for Lakai came about, the proper names for tricks, the new Lakai video “The Flare” and much more…


Skate Daily pal Jay Croft just posted an interview with Thom Hornung and Mat O’Brien, in which they chat about Otherness, their new skateboard company. The company also seemingly involves Barker Barrett and even Tony Cox, among others, and should provide answers as to who Marc Johnson’s new board sponsor is…

Check out the feature here on the Street Canoe site.

Sheesh: Donta Hill

YouTube Preview ImageBaker Am Donta Hill had enough leftover footage from his part in the recent Baker Am Video to amount to an additional full part for the world to enjoy. Donta kills it….

Team tall for the win!

Loveletters To Skateboarding: Unleashed The East Part 1

YouTube Preview ImageFrom Shogo Kubo and Tom Inouye to Lester Kasai and Christian Hosoi and many others. This one goes out to Asian skaters. This is part one of two, check it out!