How to Film Skateboarding with Ewan Bowman

YouTube Preview ImageThis is a four part series for Cons Project, providing a DIY lesson on how to film a skate video. Four films will show you tips on skate filming including editing techniques, follow filming, shot composition, and skating in front of the camera with experts Mike Gilbert, Ewan Bowman, Nick Genova, and Don “Nuge” Nguyen.

P-Stone’s “Year In Rebru” 2014

When shit hits the fan, P-Stone is there to capture the action with beer in hand. This is a heavy edit. Buckle up.

Venture Trucks: LA to the Bay

YouTube Preview ImageVenture riders Chris Joslin, Felipe Gustavo, Trevor and Taylor McClung take it from LA to the Bay while filming for the Plan B True video.

“In Transition”: Ronnie Sandoval

Ronnie Sandoval found new lines at the heavily skated Potrero del Sol Skatepark in San Francisco while filming his “In Transition” part for The Berrics last October and brought new life to this iconic SF park. Check out the In Transition article in Issue #131 of The Skateboard Mag and check back next week for the remaining “In Transition” parts.

Chris Cole’s Mini Mega

YouTube Preview Image Today Street League kicked off Chris Cole’s ‘Best Of’ coverage week. They made our way down to the 2013 Super Crown Champ’s house for an afternoon session on his personal “mini mega”. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned this week for more exclusive videos, interviews and much more.

Vans Costa Rica: The Jurassic Mountain Chronicle

YouTube Preview Image Vans has posted this clip of a couple of their Costa Rican team riders (Bryan Gutierrez, Kevin Mejia) out on a tour skating in Perez Zeledon City, Death Mountain, Parrita, Quepos etc.