Far’n High Finals & Best Trick

YouTube Preview Image TWS has posted this video recap from Sunday’s FAR’N HIGH contest in Paris, France where Greg Lutzka took the top spot in the street event and Braulio Sagas won the best trick contest.

Stereophonic Sound Volume 17

YouTube Preview Image For Volume 17, Stereo brings you a Team Montage that features Jordan Hoffart, Nate Greenwood, Kyle Leeper, Jordan Hoffart, Tommy Fynn, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Ben Fisher, Steven Snyder, Nick Zizzo as well as an introduction to Stereo Field Agent Kevin M. Love.

Primitive Skateboards: Best Of May

YouTube Preview Image Primitive has this a montage of clips from the past month that features Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker, and Carlos Ribeiro. Check it out.

Lifeblood Skateboards: Barker Barrett Lifers Edit

Lifeblood Skateboards has welcomed Barker Barret to its Lifers Division with this clip. From decade to decade on curbs, spines, pools and ramps, Barker has charged forward through paths less traveled and has always left his mark and a gentle footprint. Congrats, Barker.

Almost Famous: Haslam, Brezinski & More @ Familia

YouTube Preview Image Almost brings you a multi-team Jamboree! Haslam, Brezinski, Espinoza and CJ visit Familia skate shop, host a Burrito Jam and make a mini-ramp pay for its playfulness. Haslam magically does two tricks on two obstacles at the same time and CJ no-complys the hell out of some stairs.

Slappy’s Garage Presents: Balboa Park After Dark

YouTube Preview Image Slappy’s Garage skateshop in San Diego presents this edit filmed over a handful of night sessions in Balboa Park. Featuring in order of apperance: Matt Skankun, Kevin Love, Beaver, Woogie, and more.