Justin Henry For Brixton

Ohio native Justin Henry comes through with a minute of beautifully shot 8mm footage for Brixton. It won’t be long til Justin has a board for Quasi Skateboards.

Bobby DeKeyzer: Riddles In Mathematics Part

YouTube Preview ImageWitness Bobby DeKeyzer’s quick footed sorcery here in his “Riddles In Mathematics” part for Transworld Magazine.

Erick Winkoski: Right To Exist

YouTube Preview ImageErick Winkowski sure has an eclectic bag of tricks and he runs through the full gamut here in this full part from the newest Santa Cruz video “Right To Exist”. Check it out.

Vans Park Series Live Webcast Today

Brighton ZeunerVans Park Series stop #5 in Huntington Beach continues today with the Womens Prelims. Tune into the live webcast of this competition this afternoon today at 2pm PST at vansparkseries.com or the VPS app!

The Nine Club Episode 58: Mark Appleyard

YouTube Preview ImageThe show that has skateboarders talking – Mark Appleyard discusses growing up in Ontario Canada, his first Christmas complete, getting on birdhouse at Tampa Am, quitting Birdhouse for Habitat, Arto Saari cold calling him to get on Flip, shooting his first Thrasher cover, filming for the Flip video “Sorry”, winning Thrasher’s Skater of The Year, leaving Circa to ride for Globe, filming for the new Element video and much more on the latest episode of The Nine Club.

Chrome Ball Incident #104: Ray Barbee

Chops sits down with Ray Barbee to talk step hops, Stacy Peralta and Bones Brigade videos, The Firm, faith, and everything in between in the latest Chrome Ball Incident interview. Read it here.